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Villajoyosa, Spain: The Ultimate Travel Guide

Nestled in the heart of the Costa Blanca, the coastal town of Villajoyosa in the province of Alicante is a popular spot for excursions and holidays. This colorful town exudes a special ambience with its beautiful old town and wonderful beaches that captivate every visitor.

The colorful houses lining the streets add to the joyful town’s charm, creating a scene that feels like walking through a pack of skittles. Unlike other tourist hotspots in Spain, Villajoyosa offers a quieter retreat, even during the high season, making it the perfect location for those looking to escape the busy crowds.

The rainbow vibes of this marvelous destination are indeed worth visiting, with outstanding pictures to be captured at every corner. Whether you’re exploring the white towns of Spain or just soaking in the rainbow atmosphere, Villajoyosa Alicante promises a memorable trip with plenty of tips and information available to enhance your experience in this beautiful area.

General Information About Villajoyosa

Villajoyosa, a small town nestled between Benidorm and Alicante, boasts a population of about 30,000 inhabitants. Known affectionately as La Vila by the locals, this Spanish coastal town is famous for its brightly colored houses, wonderful beaches, and delicious chocolate from the renowned Spanish chocolate manufacturer Valor, which has been delighting visitors at the Chocolate Museum since 1998.

The colorful house facades of the old town create a picturesque coastal front that captures the legend of fishermen using these vibrant homes to find their way back in the evening. Every year, from July 24 to 31, the town comes alive with the Moros y Cristianos festivals, a tradition spanning 250 years, featuring re-enactments of Berber pirate landings, parades, gastronomic competitions, fireworks, and concerts.

Villajoyosa is steeped in history, with archaeological remains from the Bronze Age (1800BC) and its time as the Roman Empire’s Hispania, known then as Allon. The town faced geographical risks from pirates, leading to its fortification around 1500. Wandering around Villajoyosa is a delight, offering numerous things to do, interesting sights, and perfect day trip tips for every visitor.

Things To Do In Villajoyosa Alicante

Check Out The Ancient Roman City

Taking the tram from Alicante to Villajoyosa offers a glimpse into history with a short detour to Carre Canalejas, where an archaeological dig reveals the old Roman baths complete with a sauna and steam room. Known as Allon in ancient times, this important town in the Marina Baixa area boasted numerous Roman villas and was considered prime real estate due to its strategic location.

Villajoyosa, Spain

The surrounding area reflects the town’s historical significance, where residents enjoyed a weekly bath as part of their routine. Exploring this site gives visitors a fascinating insight into the luxurious lifestyle of ancient Rome right in the heart of Villajoyosa’s old town.

See The Hanging Houses

One of the most striking sights in Villajoyosa is the hanging houses, or casas colgadas, best viewed from the road bridge over the River Amadorio. After capturing the perfect photo, head down to the park that follows the river to the sea, where the old town walls stand tall, once protecting the town from pirates. The River Valley Park offers a pleasant walk with ample shade from the trees, making it an ideal spot to relax and soak in the beauty of this historic area.

Carrer Arsenal’s Rainbow Houses

Walking along Carrer Arsenal in Villajoyosa Spain provides a vibrant welcome with its colourful fishermen’s houses, the main reason many visit this charming town. These bright buildings stand out against the backdrop of the river, a striking sight even in darker weather. Legend has it that leftover boat paint gave these houses their unique hues, turning them into the ultimate accessory that matched both home and vehicle.

Villajoyosa, Spain

With only 16 inches of rain annually, the colors remain vivid, creating a picturesque scene on the esplanade where you can stroll at a slow pace, perhaps enjoying a coffee at a beachside cafe. This area, once bustling with warships from the adjacent boatyard, now invites visitors to take in the lively atmosphere with their sunglasses on.

Check Out A Chocolate Museum

In Villajoyosa, the sweet smell of cocoa fills the streets, making visitors instantly salivate. Home to several chocolate factories, the most famous being Valor on Avinguda Pianista Gonzalo, this town offers free tours that are both informative and delightful, ending with a hot chocolate and delicious samples. The tour concludes at the gift shop, where you can purchase souvenirs from this family-run business known for its good chocolate.

For those who prefer a more rustic experience, Pérez and Clavileño operate on a smaller scale but are just as charming. Don’t miss the chocolateria on Carrer Arsenal, where the rich history and tradition of chocolate-making come alive in every bite.

Visit Villajoyosa’s Port

A day trip to Villajoyosa isn’t complete without experiencing the fascinating fish auction in the early evening. Arrive at the fish quay around 4pm on a weekday to witness the fishermen returning on their boats to unload their catch. The scene is a hive of activity, with the auction hall bustling as the fish are quickly auctioned off.

Villajoyosa’s Port

Tourists are welcome to watch the lively proceedings and then head to Bar la Lonja next door for some freshly fried seafood and a cold beer, making for a perfect end to your visit.

Visit The Villajoyosa Museum

A visit to Villajoyosa isn’t complete without exploring the museum, which provides a fascinating background to the town’s rich history. Located near the rainbow seafront, the museum houses a wealth of artifacts from the Phoenician and Roman era, making it a treasure trove for history enthusiasts. Highlights include the Bou Ferrer Roman shipwreck off the coast, storage jars that once held fish sauce, and many more relics that tell the story of the Costa Blanca.

Villajoyosa, Spain

The museum itself is a blend of an old school facade and modern structures, an innovative design that has even won architectural awards. Be sure to plan your visit as the museum is closed on Mondays but offers free entry on Sundays.

Relax On Villajoyosa Playa

Villajoyosa beaches are renowned for their beautiful coastline and Platja Villajoyosa stands out with its rainbow houses and soft sandy shores. This gorgeous spot ranks 9th place among the 101 Alicante beaches, offering a stunning backdrop for any Costa Blanca summer holiday. At Playa Centro, you’ll find sun loungers, umbrellas, beach restaurants, and giant inflatables among the palm trees gently blowing in the breeze.

Villajoyosa, Spain

Despite the influx of visitors, the beaches are never too crowded thanks to the tons of sand added in the 90s by the local council to ensure a soft, unpebbled approach. Holidaymakers will find this perfect place an essential trip on their bucket list, and a true Valencian gem among their travel highlights.

Old Town of Villajoyosa

The colorful old town of Villajoyosa, once a traditional fishing village, has retained its original character with colorful houses lining the coastal front, creating postcard-perfect scenes. The promenade, adorned with palm trees, cozy restaurants, and cafés serving delicious Spanish food, offers a breathtakingly beautiful backdrop for any vacation. Stay in recommendable accommodations like the Casa Blue Bayou vacation apartment, which offers an excellent view of the sea.

The northern part of the old town features the fascinating hanging houses, known as Cases Penjants de la Vila Joiosa. Wander through the picturesque Paseo de Sant Pere square, discover small alleys and colorful town houses, and enjoy the pretty corners and squares. Visit the historic city walls, still well-preserved, and explore small chocolate museums like the Valor Chocolate Museum and Chocolates Clavileño for some sweet treats.

Villajoyosa, Spain old town

Follow the trail of colorful houses reminiscent of a pocket full of smarties through Carrer Arsenal and its winding streets leading to the old castle viewpoint. The narrow streets are shaded and peaceful, occasionally opening to a small square with a point of interest. Check out the defensive castle in the open space of Carrer Vallet, where a mock-up model depicts the old edifice.

The gardens with large rocks from the castle ruins offer fab views across the river to the sea. Don’t miss the street art on Carrer Santa Marta, especially the tattooed sailor on Plaça de Sant Cristòfol, and climb the Old Town Walls from Carrer Costera del Mar, built in the 16th century to protect against pirates. For an even better experience, climb the tower of Santa Maria de la Vila Joiosa church for just a €2 donation; the steep, tight climb rewards you with stunning views across the rooftops.

Villajoyosa Beaches

The beaches in Villajoyosa are breathtakingly beautiful, making it a top holiday region on the Costa Blanca. Visitors have their choice of sandy beaches lined with huge palm trees, picturesque bays with high rocks, and even lonely nudist beaches. An overview of the most popular beaches includes Playa El Asparalló, Playa del Bol Nou, Playa El Paraiso, Platja la Villajoyosa, Playa Varadero, Playa del Torres, and Racó del Conill. Each of these spots offers unique beauty and the best experiences for sunbathing, swimming, and relaxation.

Platja la Villajoyosa

As the main beach of this pretty town, Playa la Villajoyosa features a bright sandy beach and an azure sea framed by brightly colored town houses. This unique backdrop makes it a dream beach for many visitors, often considered the most beautiful in the region.

Villajoyosa, Spain beach

Playa del Bol Nou Beach

Playa del Bol Nou, a wild and romantic bay, is a true beach highlight in Villajoyosa. With its high cliffs, light sand, and soft sand, it offers a stunning turquoise blue color of the sea that captivates every visitor.

Villajoyosa, Spain beach

Playa El Paraiso Beach

Playa El Paraiso is an absolute dream of a beach, featuring a long cove that is truly enchanting. The Caribbean blue color of the sea, combined with numerous palm trees, creates a picturesque setting. Despite its popularity, there is plenty of space, even during the high season, ensuring it is never overcrowded.

Villajoyosa, Spain beach

Where To Stay In Villajoyosa

  • Villajoyosa offers lovely accommodations for travelers, including family-run hotels and apartments in this pretty holiday resort.
  • The old town and beautiful beaches are among the best places to stay, and are definitely worth a look.
  • The Rosal B&B by Zercabeds is idyllically situated, tastefully furnished with lots of love, and serves a phenomenal breakfast.
  • The Sailor House boasts a prime location near the beach, with a harbor view and a wonderful terrace.
  • Hotel Servigroup Montíboli is a stylish hotel on a cliff with direct access to Playa l’Esparrelló beach.
  • Blue Line Apartment Hotel is a chic hotel featuring large modern apartments and a pool, just a 15-minute walk from the center.
  • Villajoyosa is the perfect base for a holiday on the Costa Blanca, being a beautiful place that’s perfectly located for interesting day trips.
  • It’s a 30-minute drive from the airport in Alicante, with a regular tram that traverses the coast.
  • The beaches are never too crowded and there are great restaurants to enjoy for weeks.
  • Hotel Allon Mediterrania is right on the nicest beach in La Vila Joiosa, where you can wake up to the sound of the waves each morning.
  • Breakfast included, family rooms, good value for money, and onsite parking make it a great choice if you have a hired car to scout out the area.

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