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Top Marbella Beach Clubs [Luxury & Fun!]

Having explored the vibrant scene of Marbella’s beach clubs, I’ve found that Luma Beach stands out for those seeking a luxury experience along the beautiful strip of the Costa del Sol. This spot perfectly caters to every beach-goer, whether you’re after a chic ambiance to sip on exquisite cocktails, a family-friendly environment, or simply a lavish party spot to celebrate the Mediterranean lifestyle. Unlike any other, Luma Beach offers an affordable entry into a world of opulence and relaxation, making it a prime example of the best Marbella has to offer.

Quick Tips For Exploring Marbella

On my recent journey to Marbella, a stunning coastal town known for its exquisite beaches and vibrant lifestyle, I found navigating from Malaga Airport to be surprisingly seamless. Whether you prefer the convenience of ride-hailing apps or traditional taxis, getting around is a breeze. However, to truly explore the best beaches and hidden gems, I recommend you hire a car. This flexibility allows you to embark on memorable day trips throughout the region, each revealing a new layer of Marbella’s allure. The ease of travel and abundance of scenic spots make Marbella a treasure trove of Mediterranean beauty.

What To Expect From Beach Clubs In Marbella

In Marbella, nestled along the Andalucia coastline, the beach clubs redefine luxury on the Costa del Sol. Here, the prices reflect the exclusivity of these destinations, where every detail from the plush chairs under an umbrella to the full experience beside a sparkling pool is curated for unparalleled relaxation. Whether you’re with friends, a partner, or seeking a solo retreat, these clubs offer a blend of exquisite drinks, gourmet food, and breathtaking views of the ocean. The fee to rent a spot is a small price for the joy of lounging by the sea from May to September, the vibrant summer season. To secure your slice of paradise, especially on weekends or during the high season, it’s wise to book ahead. Beyond sunbathing, many clubs boast restaurants with indoor seating and are part of hotels that welcome every guest to indulge, regardless of the time of year, be it the bustling summer months or the tranquil off-season.

Bed Rental Fees or Minimum Spends

At the heart of Marbella’s luxurious beach and pool clubs, understanding the bed rental fees and minimum spends is crucial for planning your sun-drenched escapade. A typical cover charge grants you a comfortable chair or bed to lounge on, with many clubs positioned to offer both beach and pool access. Expect the price to reflect the exclusivity of the setting, especially at high-end venues where the drinks and food—whether a refreshing drink or premium alcohol—complement the opulent atmosphere. For those looking to experience the vibrant night parties, be prepared for a minimum spend starting at €100, varying by the number of guests and the location’s prestige. Always make a reservation ahead of time to secure your spot at these coveted destinations, where the cost of luxury seamlessly blends with the ambiance of relaxation and entertainment.

Tipping At Beach Clubs In Marbella

While tipping might not be deeply ingrained in Spain’s culture, the luxury service industry, especially in Marbella’s beach clubs, often sees it as a gesture of appreciation. After spending a day enjoying the sun, sea, and unparalleled service, many guests choose to leave something extra for their server—a practice that, though not mandatory, is warmly received. Whether you’re sipping on Euros-worth of cocktails or dining in style, glancing over your receipt for any added service fee is advisable, especially for larger groups. In places where service surpasses expectations, a discretionary tip becomes a reflection of your satisfaction, subtly enhancing the mutual respect between patrons and staff in these luxurious settings.

What To Wear To Beach Clubs In Marbella

Deciding what to wear to the beach clubs in Marbella balances between comfort and style, reflecting the city’s luxurious lifestyle. During the day, light bathing suits, sandals, and sun-safe cover-ups are essentials, given the heat and sand you’ll encounter. For families, there’s a relaxed dress code, making beachwear practical yet fun. As the evening rolls in, the vibe shifts; dancing under the stars to the beats of resident DJs calls for a change of clothes. Women might opt for flowing dresses or skirts, keeping in mind the high-end feel and the Instagram-worthy scenes at these clubs. For guys, a stylish, short-sleeve linen button-down paired with bathing suit shorts can carry you comfortably from day to night. The key is choosing outfits that transition smoothly from soaking up the summer sun to enjoying champagne-fueled evenings.

Opium Beach Club

Opium Beach Club in Marbella captures the essence of an Ibiza-style beach club with a twist—it’s more of a pool club, where the party vibe is accentuated by lounge chairs circling a vibrant pool and a stage set for DJs or bands to fill the air with music from day to night. Its popularity demands that you book your spot in advance, especially during peak daytime hours. With pricing structures designed to cater to a variety of preferences, whether you’re eyeing beds near the action or tables with a view, checking their calendar for prices and availability is a must. The club’s allure isn’t just its daytime pool parties but also the transformation as the sun sets, offering an evening of entertainment that rivals the best. Planning a visit requires anticipation, often a month in advance, to secure your place in one of Marbella’s most sought-after beach clubs.

John Scott’s Beach (formerly Mahiki Beach)

Transformed from the iconic Mahiki Beach, John Scott’s Beach offers a more casual ambiance that blends the charm of a beach setting with the comforts of a restaurant and bar. Here, sunbeds are not just a place to lounge but are among the best bargains in Marbella, making luxury accessible without compromising on quality. Whether you’re craving seafood, like their renowned fish and chips, or simply a drink to cool off, the menu caters to all tastes year-round, adapting seamlessly from the low season to the bustling summer. A sunbed can be yours for as little as €20, including a beer or wine, while a day bed comes with a bottle of cava for €80, embodying the essence of Mediterranean relaxation. Planning a visit? Renting a spot via Whatsapp at +34 602 294 422 ensures you won’t miss out, especially on weekends when the vibe is unbeatably vibrant.

marbella beach

Nikki Beach Club Marbella

Nikki Beach Club Marbella is a name synonymous with luxury, famous for its lavish champagne parties that rival those in Santorini, Mallorca, and Dubai. This beach club is an epitome of luxury, operating from April 14th to October 1st, and is known for being one of the most expensive yet worthwhile experiences. Here, day beds become scarce commodities in July and August, necessitating early reservations via their website. Tailored for adults 18+, it offers an exclusive retreat for families at its serene beach location.

Nikki Beach Club Marbella

The food served, ranging from fresh oysters to black pepper calamari, underscores the luxury experience with every dish. While prices may reflect the exclusivity, particularly when opting for a beach bed by the pool at €412 or the Ultimate Bed on the Champagne terrace for €515, the per person cost within a group remains reasonable. Whether you’re lounging in the Dom Pérignon Cabana or near the stage on a VIP pool bed, Nikki Beach Club Marbella promises an unmatched beach club experience.

Marbella Club

At Marbella Club, an ambiance reminiscent of Sorrento’s refined beachfronts awaits, with chairs and umbrellas neatly arranged along boardwalks to ensure your feet never have to touch the sandy shores unless you wish to. This upscale venue merges the serenity of beach access with the luxury of a pool, all complemented by an outdoor bar and table service that boast panoramic views of the Mediterranean. Unlike venues known for a wild party atmosphere, Marbella Club champions a more classy way to soak up the sun during the day, providing a sophisticated backdrop for guests looking to unwind in style. Ensure your place under the sun by booking a table on their website, ideally one on the pier for an unobstructed view of the azure waters, making every moment at Marbella Club a picture-perfect memory of luxury and relaxation.

Marbella Club

Bono Beach Club

Bono Beach Club encapsulates the essence of Marbella’s luxurious beachside living with a chic flair that stands out even in this paradise. Fresh from a renovation, the club boasts beds and lounge areas made from elegant wooden structures, accommodating 2-4 people under stylish palapa-style umbrellas. Positioned just steps from the Mediterranean Sea and its white sand, the club offers a serene escape into beach bliss. For an individual sunbed, guests pay only €30 per person, which includes a towel and a bottle of water, making luxury accessible. Those seeking an even more exclusive experience can opt for a “Balinese” bed, which for €200 during the week and €250 on weekends, includes Cava or wine, two towels, and a delightful fruit platter, offering great value for money.

Ocean Club Marbella

Nestled in the heart of Puerto Banus, Ocean Club is the epitome of luxurious seaside revelry. Renowned for its extravagant parties, complete with DJs, dancers in elaborate costumes, and champagne showers, it’s a must-visit for anyone looking to experience the pinnacle of Marbella’s party scene. Despite its reputation for lively special events during the summer, the club also offers a surprisingly chill environment during the week, with beds available for a more relaxed experience. Weekends and party dates see a transformation, with vibrant DJ music setting the tone. Making a reservation is essential, as spots fill quickly, especially for the sought-after two-person bed at €175 or the VIP bed, which accommodates up to 8 people and includes a bottle of Verve Cliquot for €495. To ensure your place in this unparalleled party haven, be sure to book early via their website.

La Sala by the Sea

La Sala by the Sea takes you on a journey from Marbella to Thailand without the humidity, offering a unique blend of southern Spain’s charm and Thai tranquility. This beach club boasts various areas for relaxation, whether you prefer a bed by the pool, a seat at the bar for refreshing drinks, a table in the restaurant, or lounging on umbrella-covered chairs by the beach. The action here centers around the pool where beds are more expensive, yet worth every euro for the luxury and entertainment, including DJ music and pool dancing.

La Sala by the Sea

To secure your spot, especially for summer parties, it’s wise to pre-book on their website. Surprisingly affordable, an individual beach chair starts at just €15 per person, while a pool bed on weekdays is €55, showcasing La Sala by the Sea’s commitment to accessibility. For those seeking more space, larger beds for multiple people offer an elevated experience, starting at €120 for two people and up to €375 for a group of eight, ensuring a memorable and exotic day out in Marbella.

The Point Marbella

The Point Marbella stands out among beach clubs for its serene atmosphere where chilling by the pool with the Mediterranean as your soundtrack becomes a day-long affair. Catering to couples, solo beach-goers, and families looking to relax in a gorgeous setting, this club ensures everyone, regardless of age, finds something to love. It’s notably family-friendly, offering a variety of activities for teenagers like jetski rentals and swimming without any age restrictions. The food here is a highlight, featuring juicy burgers, top-quality sushi, and specialties like king prawn and crayfish paella that promise to make you eat well while soaking up the sun. For those looking to experience this slice of paradise, be sure to visit their website to make a reservation and discover a day of unparalleled relaxation and dining.

Marbella beacch

Cocoa Beach Marbella

Cocoa Beach Marbella offers a unique blend of glamor and relaxation, making it a standout beach club where the sand meets sophisticated leisure. Here, sipping a cocktail—with palomas being a favorite—becomes an experience unto itself, especially during the summer when events, featuring DJs and dance parties, elevate the atmosphere. Guests can lounge on a bed by the beach, enjoying both the sunshine and exquisite food from the on-site restaurant. Known for its delicious croquettes, rivaling those found in Madrid, especially the shrimp croquettes, the menu offers the perfect balance between beachside snacks and a fulfilling lunch. To book your spot under the sun or to inquire about their mouth-watering dishes, reaching out via or calling +34 693 69 2373 ensures your place in this slice of Marbella’s paradise.

Amare Beach

Amare Beach distinguishes itself among Marbella’s beach clubs as a haven for both serene beach days and exuberant party nights. By day, it’s a paradise for relaxing under the sun, with affordable day beds and delicious food and cocktails from its restaurant, making it a favorite for families with older teenagers, given its 16+ policy. As the sun sets, Amare Beach transforms, hosting lively beach parties with DJs that light up the night, attracting those looking for fun beyond the daylight hours. Its prime location in downtown Marbella allows for easy access, whether you choose to walk or take a quick taxi ride. For an effortless visit to this versatile beach club, making a reservation is recommended, which can be done via or calling +34 951 56 82 02, ensuring a spot in this coveted coastal retreat.

Siroko Beach Club

Siroko Beach Club is a gem among Marbella beach clubs, offering something for everyone with its unique family garden where young children can play on a bouncy castle, while adults enjoy the beach area equipped with lounge chairs and umbrellas. The drink service is top-notch, allowing you to sip your favorite beverage without leaving the comfort of the beach. For those wanting to eat, the restaurant provides a variety of food options that are among the reasons it’s rated as one of the best beach clubs in Marbella. As the evenings roll in during summer, the club transforms with events featuring DJs and live jazz musicians, creating an atmosphere ripe for dancing. To ensure a spot at this versatile venue, be sure to check their website for details on how to book a table or bed, making your visit to Siroko Beach Club an unforgettable part of your Marbella experience.

Luma Beach

Luma Beach redefines the beach club experience in Marbella with its focus on exquisite food and an inviting atmosphere. This spot is a haven for foodies, offering affordable day beds and a restaurant that boasts a menu rich with seafood options like prawns, salmon, tuna, and sea bass, alongside meat dishes and vegan and vegetarian options. The terrace provides the perfect spot to bask in the sunshine while enjoying dinner with friends. Sharing plates, with prices ranging from €12-20, and main dishes priced between €18-30, make dining here a pleasure without breaking the bank. For those planning a trip to this culinary gem, be sure to book a table through their website, ensuring a spot at one of Marbella’s top restaurants for a memorable meal under the sun.

Puerto Banus in Marbella

La Cabane

La Cabane Beach Club, part of the Los Monteros Spa & Golf Resort near Marbella and Malaga, offers an oasis of relaxation perfect for a spa day, a girl’s trip, or a romantic couple’s getaway. Nestled on a tranquil stretch of beach, it promises luxury and serenity with sun loungers available from €45 per person, including a towel. For those seeking more privacy, cabins for two are priced at €110, and VIP beds elevate the experience at €240. Guests of the hotel enjoy discounted prices on VIP beds and complimentary regular sunloungers, as part of their stay. Open from May through September, with peak operations in June, July, and August, reservations can be made at or by calling +34 952 76 27 20. Beyond sunbathing, spa treatments add to the allure, making La Cabane a must-visit for anyone seeking a refined beach club experience in Marbella.


Marbella’s beach clubs are celebrated around the world for their unparalleled blend of luxury, relaxation, and entertainment. With breathtaking views that span the coastline, places like Nikki Beach and Ocean Club stand out for their unique charm and vibrant atmosphere. A trip to Marbella wouldn’t be complete without exploring its top 10 beach clubs, where every visit promises an experience to remember. Here, you can unwind with exquisite food, sip on fine wine and cocktails, and soak in the ultimate vacation feeling. Whether you’re looking to relax or party, Marbella’s beach clubs are a must-visit destination, embodying everything that makes a holiday by the sea so special.

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