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Top Ibiza Beach Clubs [2024 Insider Guide!]

Along the vibrant shores of Ibiza, the beach clubs serve as gateways to the island’s soul, merging the natural beauty with sophisticated leisure. From the chic ambiance of Playa d’en Bossa to the relaxed vibes of Sant Antoni, these clubs boast stunning sea views and an atmosphere thick with the aroma of fine cuisine and artisan cocktails. These spots are not just about sunbathing; they’re about experiencing the Mediterranean lifestyle at its most glamorous, with sleek interiors and bohemian touches that cater to a crowd looking for the perfect chill-out spots to spend their days.

The essence of Ibiza’s beach clubs stretches beyond the typical tourist hubs, offering a blend of wellness and gastronomy that captivates all who visit. Premier DJs set the rhythm for the day with spinning discs that resonate from noon into the late hours, providing a soundtrack to a variety of experiences from romantic dinners to family-friendly gatherings. Each club offers a unique slice of Ibiza whether it’s through a sunset yoga session or a culinary journey under the stars making each visit a distinct mix of relaxation, luxury, and unforgettable Mediterranean days.

How Much Do Beach Clubs In Ibiza Cost?

Exploring the beach clubs in Ibiza can vary widely in cost, reflecting the island’s luxurious offerings and settings. Typical expenses include a rental fee for sun loungers or beach beds, ranging from €30 to €60. Beyond this, most clubs impose a minimum spend per person or bed, which can be as modest as €100 for a day, climbing to €200-300 if you’re indulging in food and drinks throughout a full day. For those savoring cocktails or a bottle of bubbles, prices usually start around €10-20 per drink, with premium options exceeding €50. Although some beach clubs on this Balearic Island offer budget-friendly options with no charge for general admission, the cost of beers, cocktails, and meals will add up, especially during peak visiting sessions.

When To Book Ibiza Beach Clubs

Securing a spot at Ibiza’s beach clubs requires advance booking, particularly as they open for the season starting in April, just before the nightclubs spring to life. It’s wise to confirm your dates and make a reservation well ahead of time, especially for high-demand periods. Many clubs also ask for a deposit to hold your booking. For the most seamless experience, visit the official websites of these beach clubs to guide your planning process. Booking early not only ensures entry but also the best locations within the clubs, whether you seek a serene day by the sea or a vibrant party under the Mediterranean sun.

What To Wear At Beach Clubs In Ibiza

When planning what to wear at Ibiza’s beach clubs, consider the venue’s «Beach Chic» dress code. A typical day spent lounging might start with stylish yet functional swimwear, complemented by essential sun protection like a cover-up, sunhat, and sunglasses. If you’re staying late, it’s a good idea to bring a change of clothes; perhaps a breezy dress or a light button-down that transitions smoothly from day to evening. The beach club atmosphere calls for an ensemble that’s both fashionable and comfortable, allowing you to relax on a sun lounger or bed with ease while enjoying the vibrant scene. Always check the club’s guide on wear to ensure your outfit matches their expected standards, helping you blend seamlessly into the sophisticated Ibiza vibe.

Coco Beach

Coco Beach stands out as a classy beach club located at the more tranquil southern end of Playa d’en Bossa, where it offers a unique blend of luxury and serenity. Known for its superb cuisine and stunning sea views, this club provides an attentive service that makes every visit memorable. Fashion enthusiasts will appreciate the on-site trendy fashion boutique, and art lovers can explore the cutting-edge pop-up art gallery.

Coco Beach spain

With luxurious dining options and an environment designed for ultimate pampering, Coco Beach embodies the ideal balance of relaxation and sophistication. Whether you’re looking to unwind with the soothing sounds of the sea or indulge in high-end comforts, this beach club delivers an exquisite escape in Ibiza.

Tanit Beach Ibiza

Tanit Beach Ibiza is the epitome of laid-back luxury, blending elegant and cool vibes with a family-friendly atmosphere that makes everyone feel at home. Located near the bustling Ibiza Airport, this beach club is a favorite for both planespotters and families looking for a sophisticated yet relaxing seaside experience. The club is known for its plush daybeds where guests can lounge under the sun, accompanied by deep, soulful House Music or enjoying live music and shows. The modern Mediterranean cuisine served here is a delight, featuring everything from mouthwatering sushi to fresh juices and creative cocktails, perfect for sipping while taking in the serene sea views.

Tanit Beach Ibiza spain

The weekly schedule at Tanit is packed with themed events that cater to all tastes: Sintillate on Thursdays, Funkybeach on Fridays, and the Old’s Cool party on Sundays, where DJ Mariano Somoza spins favorite classics from the ’70s and ’80s. For the little ones, the Kids in Ibiza program offers a variety of activities designed to entertain and engage, including face painting, arts and crafts, and magic shows. Themed afternoons like Bondi Vibes Saturdays ensure that there’s always something new to experience, making Tanit not just a place to relax, but a dynamic destination within the Nassau Group’s portfolio of properties. Whether settling into a sunbed or dining at the restaurant, guests of Tanit Beach Ibiza are treated to a day of enchanting Mediterranean charm.

Nassau Beach Club

Located on the pristine white sand of Playa d’en Bossa, Nassau Beach Club offers a quintessentially Ibiza beach party experience with a glamorous atmosphere that caters to both the chic and the carefree. Known for its high-class cuisine crafted by executive chefs and a diverse music lineup featuring everything from violinists to live DJs, Nassau creates a unique vibrant and luxurious ambiance. Guests can indulge in barefoot luxury, enjoying sushi from treasure chests aflame or sipping on cocktails beneath the moonlit sky.

Nassau Beach Club spain

Special events like Flower Night capture the hippy spirit of the Balearic Island, while acrobatic performances and fire shows light up the night. With tip-top service, cool ambient music, and an array of the best drinks, it’s a top choice for those staying in nearby hotels around Ibiza Town. Whether lounging on sunbeds during full moons or partaking in healthy Mediterranean fare, Nassau ensures every detail enhances your beach club experience.


Beachouse offers a divine escape where the Mediterranean meets the Caribbean in a chic, rustic, and sophisticated setting. This venue, known for its clean lines and airy design, brings a touch of boho and mystical elegance to the shores of Ibiza. It’s a place where intimacy and style merge seamlessly, serving up a mix of Mediterranean fare and Italian delicacies. Whether you’re starting your day with yoga on the beach, enjoying a leisurely breakfast, or sitting down for lunch or dinner, Beachouse transforms every meal into a memorable event with its spiritual ambiance. The carefully curated menu and thoughtful decor make it a prime spot for those seeking a holistic beach experience that feels both grounded and indulgent.

Beachouse spain

Tuk Tuk Ibiza

Tuk Tuk Ibiza stands out on the sands of Ibiza’s longest beach, offering a modern and lively beach club experience under straw-thatched umbrellas. This spot captures the essence of Ibiza’s carefree yet trendy lifestyle, where young locals and tourists alike come to live their best Ibiza lives. The atmosphere is both unpretentious and uplifting, making it a perfect place for anyone looking to enjoy the classic Spanish and Mediterranean flavors with an Asian twist. From salads and sushi to freshly caught fish and meat dishes, the menu offers a diverse culinary experience that complements the vibrant beach setting. Whether you’re lounging during the day or celebrating under the stars, Tuk Tuk Ibiza embodies the dynamic spirit of the island.

Tuk Tuk Ibiza

Zazú Ibiza

Zazú Ibiza is renowned for its vibrant Mediterranean food and expert mixology, set against a backdrop of stylishly cool decor inspired by «The Lion King». This beach club enjoys a prime beachside location where a light-hearted atmosphere permeates every corner, making it a perfect spot for couples, groups, and families looking to indulge in barefoot dining. With a dynamic entertainment programme that features live shows every afternoon, Zazú creates a fun-loving vibe that’s both relaxing and engaging. Whether you’re here to enjoy the art of leisure or to participate in the spirited festivities, Zazú Ibiza offers a unique escape where art, comfort, and gourmet delights blend seamlessly.

Zazú Ibiza spain

Playa Soleil

Playa Soleil, the latest addition to the vibrant Playa d’en Bossa coastline, offers an eclectic oasis for beach lovers looking for both relaxation and nightlife. This Tulum-inspired venue boasts an exquisite wooden decor that seamlessly blends old features with modern luxury, creating a culinary and sonic adventure right by the sand. With private VIP areas available for hire, it caters to those seeking an exclusive experience. Playa Soleil is designed as a one-stop-shop meeting all day-to-night beach living needs, featuring versatile dining areas and a dedicated Mini Playa for junior beachclub lovers. This club not only enhances the golden miles of Ibiza’s shores but also provides a comprehensive setting where every element is crafted to enhance the visitor experience, from the back room club space to the serene beachfront.

Playa Soleil spain

El Chiringuito Ibiza

El Chiringuito Ibiza, nestled on the paradisiacal beaches of Es Cavallet, epitomizes upmarket, naturally elegant beachside dining. This family-friendly venue is famed for its heavenly location at the southernmost point of the island, accessible by bus or taxi from Ibiza Town. With its shaded terrace, wooden daybeds, and an earthy interior adorned with wood, plants, and neutral hues, it offers a serene spot for a leisurely lunch or a cocktail by the sparkling sea.

El Chiringuito Ibiza spain

The menu reflects a rich blend of Mediterranean, Ibicencan, Italian, Greek, and Lebanese influences, featuring dishes made with organic ingredients like the signature Ibiza Mocha smoothie, a delightful mix of coffee, banana, cocoa, and dates. For the little ones, Little Chiringuito offers sandcastle building and jewelry-making workshops under careful supervision, making it a perfect day out for visitors of all ages.

Tropicana Ibiza Beach Club

Tropicana Ibiza Beach Club offers a low-key yet beautiful seaside ambiance where friendly service and a relaxing beach setting combine to create an unforgettable experience. Nestled on a semi-private beach, this club is a haven for those looking to unwind in sunbeds or sway gently in a hammock. The menu features an appealing mix of Mediterranean, international, and local specialities, providing flavors to satisfy every palate.

Tropicana Ibiza Beach Club

As the sun sets, the beach bar comes alive with the vibrant rhythms of the Caribbean and Brazil, inviting guests to samba and salsa their way into the noche. With its exceptional location and eclectic offerings, Tropicana is a perfect spot to enjoy the laid-back side of Ibiza’s rich cultural tapestry.

El Silencio

El Silencio, perched along the southwest coast in the picturesque cove of Cala Moli, offers a unique seaside experience that redefines luxury. Renowned master chef Mauro Colagreco helms the kitchen, crafting exquisite feet-in-the-sand dining experiences that make every meal a celebration of culinary art. This spot is a true playground for epicureans and hedonists alike, providing deluxe poolside lounging and sophisticated sunset gatherings. El Silencio is not just about sunbathing but is an invitation to indulge in high-end leisure where the sounds of the sea enhance the serene ambiance, making it a coveted destination for those who savor the finer aspects of the Ibiza lifestyle.


ChezzGerdi, a gem among Formentera’s beach clubs, captures the bohemian spirit of this tranquil island with its iconic painted van parked right at the beachfront. Known for its hip, cool, and welcoming atmosphere, the club is both upmarket and down-to-earth, offering guests a unique blend of comfort and style. The big, bright, airy terrace is the perfect place to enjoy the club’s extensive Mediterranean menu, which features fresh fish dishes and legendary pizzas. Whether you’re looking to relax in a laid-back setting or dine in style, ChezzGerdi offers an upmarket experience with a distinctly down-to-earth vibe, making it a must-visit destination on the island.

Chezzgerdi spain

Um Beach House

Located where the river meets the Santa Eulalia promenade, near the peaceful area of Siesta, UM Beach House is celebrated for its classy and serene ambiance. This beach club offers a sophisticated retreat with comfy seating nestled in shaded nooks, ideal for chilling as you dig your toes in the sand and enjoy the gentle breeze. Patrons can savor a blend of Mediterranean and international dishes, complemented by masterful mixology that captures the essence of coastal living. The smooth service and soothing tribal rhythms enhance the laid-back, luxurious atmosphere, making UM Beach House a perfect spot for both relaxation and socializing along the vibrant coast of Ibiza.

Um Beach House spain


Amante, nestled in a secluded cove on Sol Den Serra Beach, near Cala Llonga, is a premier beach club known for its idyllic settings and luxury day beds, making it a top choice for those seeking romantic dinners with ultra-fresh Mediterranean food. This multi-level restaurant offers stunning views where you can listen to the waves crash against the shore, enhancing its serene atmosphere. Accessible by public bus from Santa Eulària, Amante also excels in wellness and culinary experiences, featuring morning yoga classes on the beach, followed by a healthy breakfast buffet available for €36 when booked online.

Amante spain

As night falls, the Moonlit Movie Nights invite guests to recline on bean bags under the stars, enjoying cava and popcorn for €55. For an exclusive treat, the Amante Table offers a private dining experience in a candlelit Balinese shack on the beach, serving a 5-course tasting menu paired with Bollinger, ensuring every moment is soaked in luxury. Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced yogi, or simply looking to indulge in Spanish cuisine and craft cocktails, Amante provides a sublime escape from the everyday.

Jockey Club

Nestled amidst the iconic salt flats of Ibiza, the Jockey Club is a quintessential family-run restaurant that captures the island’s relaxed spirit. This chiringuito is beloved for its laid-back vibe and friendly atmosphere, where locals and tourists alike can unwind to the sound of laid-back tunes. Known for its delectable seafood, including crisp calamari, and the savory richness of Ibérico ham, the menu complements the vast array of cocktails designed to refresh and invigorate. Whether you’re here to soak up the sun or enjoy the casual beachside hospitality, the Jockey Club offers a slice of Ibiza’s authentic seaside dining experience.

Jockey Club spain

Sa Trinxa

Located on the sandy shores of Salinas Beach, Sa Trinxa embodies the true hippy spirit of Ibiza. This iconic beach bar and restaurant is famed for its green wooden walkway that stretches into the crystal waters, making it a recognisable landmark among beach dwellers. As the sunset colors the sky, the atmosphere here becomes electric, resonating with the eclectic vibes of the island. Patrons can relax on the beach, sipping beers and soaking in the scenic beauty, while the rhythmic sounds of the sea provide a perfect backdrop to an unforgettable Ibiza experience.

Sa Trinxa spain

Ushuaïa Beach Club

Ushuaïa Beach Club, a staple of Ibiza’s vibrant beach club scene, is situated on the lively shores of Playa d’en Bossa. This exclusive venue is not just a club but a part of the Ushuaïa Beach Hotel, offering hotel guests priority access to its renowned club nights and luxurious poolside lounging. Known for its vibey atmosphere, Ushuaïa is a haven for those seeking the quintessential Mediterranean sunshine experience, complete with experimental cocktails and theatrical performances by various artists.

Ushuaïa Beach Club spain

The club’s layout provides ample photo spots ideal for selfies, enhancing its status as a child-free zone where adults can enjoy sophisticated fun under the sun. Whether you’re there to dance on the sand or relax by the pool, Ushuaïa promises an unforgettable Ibiza adventure.

Ibiza Boat Club

Ibiza Boat Club offers a unique take on the traditional beach club experience with its luxurious catamaran setting the stage for both private and public events. Whether you choose to rent the entire boat for a private gathering or buy a ticket to one of the lively public events, this floating venue provides an unparalleled way to enjoy Ibiza’s crystal clear waters. Sail around the Balearic Islands, dropping anchor in hidden bays for a swim, or simply lounge on the yacht’s chairs as you soak up the sun.

Ibiza Boat Club spain

The Ibiza Boat Club crafts each trip with a customizable itinerary that includes exquisite food and creates a vibrant vibe perfect for both day parties and serene evening events, making every journey a memorable part of your Ibiza vacation.

Nikki Beach

Nikki Beach stands out as a glamorous and luxury destination in Ibiza, renowned for its sophisticated beach parties and exquisite fine dining. Positioned to offer stunning views of the Balearic Sea, this fashionable club sets the standard with its bohemian decor and vibrant ambient beats. The culinary offerings are diverse, crafted by Michelin-starred guest chefs, featuring everything from seafood and sushi to rotisserie chicken and vegan eats.

Nikki Beach ibiza

Nikki Beach is famous for its White Parties, drawing an elite international crowd and top-tier DJs to its poolside setting where beach beds are arranged for optimum relaxation and style. Adherence to a chic dress code is expected, supported by an on-site clothing boutique for those last-minute fashion needs, ensuring every guest can blend seamlessly into the stylish, sun-soaked setting of one of the world’s most iconic beach clubs.

O Beach

O Beach is renowned as one of Ibiza’s premier beach clubs, where the poolside vibe is an intoxicating mix of Balearic beats and celebrity sightings, including performances by stars like Ed Sheeran. Located in the heart of the island’s party scene, this Day Club features poolside beds that float on water and are scattered across the lawn, offering luxurious relaxation under the sun. The Sunset Roof Garden provides breathtaking views and is a perfect spot for evening gatherings, making it a favored destination for both lively parties and serene afternoons.

O Beach ibiza

With its extensive drinks packages, O Beach caters to groups looking for a tailored clubbing experience, while the nearby Bam-Bu-Ku offers a family-friendly alternative with its tropical lagoon, ensuring that there’s something for everyone at this dynamic beach club.

Cotton Beach Club

Cotton Beach Club, perched above the aquamarine waters of Cala Tarida, is a slice of the White Isle’s most unblemished scenery. Accessible by bus or taxi from Sant Antoni, this chic beach club features an alabaster dining terrace that offers panoramic views over Ibiza. Guests can relax on sun loungers or partake in boat charters for a day on the turquoise seas. The club’s menu boasts a sophisticated array of dishes including sushi, Thai-style curries, and grilled octopus, complemented by a creative cocktail list with favorites like the mint espresso martini and Aperol Spritz splashed with passionfruit.

Cotton Beach Club ibiza

For those seeking healthier options, there are natural juices that refresh without the buzz. Cotton Beach Club is not just a place to dine; it’s an experience that combines luxurious relaxation with culinary excellence, making it a must-visit destination on Ibiza’s scenic coast.

Blue Marlin

Blue Marlin, located on the pebble beach of Cala Jondal on Ibiza’s south coast, epitomizes the ultimate beach party destination. This day-to-night beach club is a favorite haunt for celebrities and discerning party-goers, offering an array of Big Beds and loungers for rent that come with ample shade and a minimum spend policy, ensuring exclusivity and comfort. Throughout the summer, the club pulsates with live music, and its turquoise waters make it a stunning spot for swimming, though aqua shoes are recommended.

The beach club features a sophisticated beach menu at its restaurant, terrace, and lounge club, serving everything from sushi and shellfish to gourmet sandwiches and lavish brunch options, complemented by a diverse range of cocktails, from fruity to frozen. Whether you’re there to bask in the scenic views or enjoy the high-energy atmosphere, Blue Marlin delivers an unmatched Ibiza experience.

Sunset Ashram

Sunset Ashram, perched atop a cliff with sweeping views of the Balearic Sea and surrounding isles, is celebrated for its transformative sunset experiences during golden hour. This iconic beach club in Ibiza captivates with a mellow vibe that’s enhanced by the sounds of a resident DJ and touring artists who set the tone each afternoon and into the dusk. As one of the few places on the island where reservations are not mandatory, guests can often simply lay down a towel and enjoy the scene, though booking a table for a meal is recommended to ensure a spot.

The menu offers a fusion of Mediterranean classics with unique Hindi and Japanese recipes, making dining here a truly eclectic experience. Whether you’re there for meditations at sunset or to enjoy a cocktail, Sunset Ashram provides a serene setting to unwind and reflect on the beauty of Ibiza.

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