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[Revealed] Where to Stay in Ibiza for an Unforgettable Trip

Discovering where to stay in Ibiza can feel like navigating a constantly evolving maze, especially on your first trip to this enchanting island. With a huge amount of information available, pinpointing the perfect spot can be a conundrum. But fret not, as the Ibiza Virgins’ Guide is here to carve out digestible chunks of wisdom to guide your decision. Whether you’re looking for a tranquil retreat by the sand and sea or a bustling hub close to the best Ibiza beach restaurants, our complete list of great places to stay, island-wide, ensures you’ll find your ideal holiday haven. Let us help you begin your journey to find not just a place to stay, but the reasons why it will make your vacation unforgettable.


Ideal for: culture, foodies, nightlife, luxury, LGBTQIA-friendly

Nestled in the island’s capital, Ibiza Town beckons with its rich tapestry of history and vibrant cultural scene. Here, the narrow cobbled streets of the walled citadel of Dalt Vila offer a labyrinth of charming bars and restaurants, perfect for those eager to soak in the locale’s ancient charm. As evening descends, the lively port and gay street, Calle de la Virgen, come alive with pre-club activity, offering a colorful prelude to the night’s escapades. Not just a haven for nightlife, Ibiza Town also houses an array of museums and art galleries for discerning historians and art fans. The marina, with its super-yachts and the tranquil beach resort of Talamanca, provides a juxtaposition of luxury and relaxation, while iconic nightclubs like Pacha, Lío, and Club Chinois promise unforgettable nights, all listed meticulously in our party calendar.

ibiza town

Accommodation in Ibiza Town ranges from the high-end to budget-friendly options, welcoming all age groups from families to older ex-ravers who continue to cherish the island’s allure. While the hotels in the city might lean towards the price-wise upper end, the diversity of accommodation options ensures that there’s something for everyone, be it a budget traveler or someone seeking deluxe comforts. This dynamic blend of ancient charm and modern luxury, coupled with the town’s inclusive spirit, makes Ibiza Town an unmatched choice for those pondering where to stay in Ibiza. Our list of hotels and apartments in Ibiza Town is tailored to guide you to your ideal stay, ensuring your Ibiza experience is as rich and varied as the town itself.

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For those seeking the enviable proximity to both the town centre and the port’s bustling night-time action, staying in Ibiza’s city centre hotels offers unparalleled convenience. The Standard and El Puerto Ibiza Hotel & Spa stand out for their prime location, providing all the benefits of downtown accommodation. Music lovers with a penchant for Rock, Soul, and Blues will be particularly delighted by the legendary Teatro Ibiza music bar located in El Puerto’s lobby, making these hotels a magnet for travelers seeking both comfort and entertainment. This insider tip opens up Ibiza’s vibrant nightlife and cultural tapestry right from your doorstep, making it an ideal choice for those looking to dive into the heart of Ibiza’s unparalleled ambiance.


Ideal for: clubbers, groups, LGBTQIA-friendly, budget

Figueretas is a vibrant gem for both Ibiza’s gay travellers and those drawn to its close proximity to Ibiza Town. With its cheaper accommodations compared to the nearby city, it offers a range of hotels and apartments from bargain to boutique. The area boasts a clean beach and a wide promenade with fabulous views stretching to Formentera, complemented by trendy restaurants and bars that have cropped up along the recently renovated seafront. Serving as a haven and midway point between the tranquility of Ibiza Town and the pulsating energy of Playa d’en Bossa, Figueretas emerges as a popular choice for those toggling between a party atmosphere and arty relaxation. Here is our list of hotels and apartments in Figueretas, a testament to its wide appeal among diverse visitors seeking the soul of Ibiza.


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For those seeking an LGBTQIA-friendly stay close to the city, Cenit Hotel and Apartments offers an enchanting experience with a roof terrace, pool, and bar boasting amazing views of the south coast to Formentera. Just a 10-minute walk from the property places guests in the heart of Dalt Vila, Ibiza’s fortified old town, inviting an exploration of its rich history and culture. This family-run hotel provides a welcoming atmosphere that combines the convenience of proximity to Ibiza’s vibrant life with the serenity of a secluded retreat, making it a cherished choice among those who value both celebration and solitude.


Ideal for: clubbers, nightlife, groups, budget

Playa d’en Bossa stands as Ibiza’s hedonist capital, a popular resort known for its vibrant party scene. Here, action and fiesta thrive along a stretch that houses super-clubs like Hï Ibiza and Ushuaïa, alongside music bars and smaller clubs such as Swag in Hotel Garbi and Top 21 in Jet Apartments. Yet, it’s not all about the noise; the resort also offers quieter parts for relaxation. During the day, the long, wide beach becomes a hub of daytime beachside action, lined with glamorous beach clubs like Coco Beach and Nassau Beach Club, as well as local restaurants perfect for enjoying a meal and cocktails. Playa d’en Bossa provides a diverse range of accommodation options, from the high-end deluxe of super-club resorts like Ushuaïa Ibiza Beach Hotel and Hard Rock Hotel to more affordable, fun hotels and apartments such as Bora Bora Apartments, catering to all ages and preferences.


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For those looking to indulge in comfort and four-star style, the Torre del Mar hotel offers an idyllic retreat close to everything Ibiza has to offer, including a gorgeous spa and pool. For an alternative night out, the Children of the 80s event at the Hard Rock Hotel presents a unique opportunity to dive into pop pleasures, away from the usual techno-dodging scene. This blend of luxury and nostalgic entertainment makes it a standout choice for anyone seeking both relaxation and a taste of Ibiza’s diverse nightlife.


Ideal for: clubbers, nightlife, groups, young families, budget

San Antonio is a magnet for the Ibiza Virgin and the young party-lover, boasting a vibrant main beach that becomes the epicenter of daytime activity during the summer months. From bars like Tulp and Ibiza Rocks Bar along the beachfront promenade to the famed pool parties at O Beach and Ibiza Rocks Hotel, there’s an endless array of entertainment. As the sun dips, the Sunset Strip lights up, offering breathtaking views of the legendary Ibiza sunsets at spots like Mambo and Café del Mar. The West End and big «San An» clubs like Eden and Es Paradis keep the nights alive, with Amnesia and Privilege just a Disco Bus ride away for those seeking the thrill of Ibiza’s super-clubs.


Despite its reputation for non-stop revelry, San Antonio also caters to a wide range of tastes with an assortment of dining options, from healthy breakfasts and fry-ups to Michelin-starred restaurants. Accommodation in San Antonio strikes a balance between luxury and budget, ensuring there’s something for everyone – from the average age group of 18-30 focused on partying, to sophisticated party people looking for a bit more comfort. Whether you’re drawn by the promise of poolside parties or the allure of Ibiza’s legendary sunsets, San Antonio offers a dynamic and unforgettable stay, underscored by an eclectic mix of hotels and apartments tailored to diverse preferences and budgets.

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For those in search of an Instagrammable stay, the Wi-Ki-Woo hotel near the sunset strip offers a vibrant backdrop that’s perfect for social media enthusiasts seeking adults-only accommodations. Meanwhile, travelers with a bigger budget looking for an epitome of luxury and exclusivity will find the TRS Ibiza Hotel by Cala Gracio beach an irresistible choice. This 5-star, all-inclusive, adults-only resort blends sophistication with tranquility, providing guests with an unparalleled Ibiza experience. Whether you’re capturing sunset moments for Instagram at Wi-Ki-Woo or indulging in the all-encompassing luxury of the TRS Ibiza Hotel, these options highlight the island’s diverse appeal, catering to both the aesthetically driven and those seeking the pinnacle of relaxation and service.


Ideal for: clubbers, groups, young families, budget

Nestled away from the bustling San Antonio, the Bay area offers a serene escape with its smaller beaches making it an idyllic spot for families seeking an affordable break. Boasting the greatest density of hotels on the island, from cheap and cheerful to recently-renovated properties catering to a young and affluent clientele, this area ensures a quieter stay amidst plenty of action. Along its stretch, visitors will find a delightful selection of restaurants and some of the nicest small beaches, perfect for those who desire both tranquility and accessibility. For a comprehensive guide to lodging in this slice of paradise, check out our complete list of hotels and apartments in the bay of San Antonio.


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At INNSiDE Ibiza Beach, the rooftop bar is practically heaven on earth, offering live DJ sets and a fabulous infinity pool to chill by. For those in search of quality and excellent gastronomy, the Can Salia Hotel, nestled at the end of the Bay, will surely surprise. Sunset lovers are in for a treat at Kumharas, a true bay gem known for its cool hippy vibe and excellent cocktails. This insider info unveils some of Ibiza’s best-kept secrets, ensuring your stay is filled with memorable moments from dawn till dusk.


Ideal for: young families, budget, nature, retreat

Nestled on the southwest coast of Ibiza, Cala Tarida and Cala Vadella present themselves as beautiful sandy coves, making them an ideal resort for families looking for a serene escape from the crowded resorts. These family-friendly destinations are tucked away yet accessible, offering the perfect setting to relax with a drink by day and enjoy a romantic meal in the evening. With watersports activities like SUP Tours available right on the beach, your stay is guaranteed to be filled with sublime views at sunset, ensuring you return home tanned and refreshed.


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For independent holiday-makers, Petunia Ibiza near Cala Carbo stands as a beacon of tranquility, offering guests the ultimate in iconic Ibizan views from its well-tended terraces. The experience is so vivid that seeing is believing.


Ideal for: groups, families, foodies, couples, retreat, older travellers

Santa Eulalia, a pretty town that attracts a diverse mix of nationalities and age groups, offers a variety of reasonably-priced apartments and hotels. Most accommodations are situated on the outskirts, allowing the town centre and marina to retain a chic, cosmopolitan atmosphere perfect for exploring shops and boutiques or relaxing at pavement cafes and watching beautiful people pass by. Eateries in Santa Eulalia present a great range of restaurants, especially along Calle San Vicente, which transforms at night into a lively, bustling Mediterranean location. With its wide sweeping beach, promenade, and various bars, the area caters to everyone looking for the essence of Ibiza.

Santa Eulalia Ibiza

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For those seeking a touch of class in Ibiza, the newly refurbished, boutique-style Hotel Riomar at Santa Eulalia Bay stands out. Perfectly situated beside the beach, in a mellow corner of the resort, Riomar offers a serene Mediterranean haven for all the family, blending luxurious comfort with the tranquil beauty of its surroundings.


Ideal for: families, budget

In the quaint Es Caná, a small beach resort nestled along the coast near Santa Eulalia, families find a welcoming haven with all-inclusive hotels that boast entertainment and kids’ facilities at competitive prices. The clean, wide, and shallow beach is perfect for little ones, making it an ideal spot for family outings. Beyond the sands, Es Caná is renowned for hosting one of the large weekly hippy markets, where holidaymakers flock to discover handmade wares, perfect for holiday gifts or presents. This makes Es Caná an attractive choice for those seeking a cheaper, hassle-free family break in Ibiza.

Es Cana ibiza

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Nestled halfway along the promenade, Mamajuana emerges as a coveted destination for those in pursuit of authentic Mediterranean food, with their fish dishes being particularly noteworthy, all set within a chilled-out atmosphere. For travelers seeking an exceptionally special place to stay, the Bless Hotel Ibiza in Cala Nova, just a stone’s throw from Es Caná, represents the ultimate in luxury, offering a sublime escape on this enchanting island.


Ideal for: families, budget, nature

Cala Llonga unfolds as a stunning bay encased by dramatic cliffs, serving as a perfect sun trap for those seeking tranquility. The area is dotted with hotels that offer a panoramic view of the long sandy beach, making it an ideal destination for families. A plethora of activities await to keep the kids entertained, with various bars and restaurants ensuring a relaxing break at affordable prices. The regular ferry service opens up opportunities for day trips to Santa Eulalia, Ibiza, or even the charming sister island, Formentera, enriching the holiday experience with adventure and scenic beauty.

Cala llonga ibiza

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Hyde Ibiza and Mondrian Ibiza hotels have received a recent upgrade, setting the stage for the 2024 International Music Summit. Nestled next to Cala Llonga, the Amante restaurant perches atop the cliffs, offering a stylish and exclusive retreat. It’s a place where daytime luxury meets the charm of evening festivities, including summer open-air movie nights that transform the ambiance into an unforgettable experience under the stars.


Ideal for: young families, budget, nature, retreat

Nestled in the northeast of the island, Cala San Vicente offers a secluded resort experience, attracting an international clientele with its long, sweeping beach and curving promenade. The compact layout ensures everything is within reach, making it a relaxed and inexpensive choice for all ages. For those looking to explore beyond the beach, hiring a moped or car can unveil the unspoilt nature of this charming corner of Ibiza.


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The nearby lookout point on the cliff tops offers an enchanting spot for a romantic picnic at sunset, adding a touch of magic to your stay. Meanwhile, the recently relaunched El Somni Ibiza Dream Hotel, nestled in the heart of the beach, introduces a uniquely surrealist vision to the hospitality of this traditional beach resort, blending the old with the radically new.


Ideal for: families, budget, adventure, nature

Portinatx, the island’s most northerly resort, unveils a rugged Ibiza with three beaches perfect for water activities like snorkelling, pedalos, and paddleboarding. Its boat excursions and amenities are especially suited to families seeking a self-contained paradise. This town promises a serene escape with bars and restaurants within walking distance of cozy hotels, ensuring you can relax without venturing far. Discover your ideal stay with our list of hotels and apartments in this tranquil corner of Ibiza.


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For those looking to venture beyond the beach, a walk to the Portinatx lighthouse offers a peaceful retreat where the views over the cliffs are simply stunning. This scenic path presents a quieter side of Ibiza, perfect for those seeking solace away from the island’s vibrant party scene.


Ideal for: families, budget, tranquillity, nature

The Port of San Miguel, with its picturesque and secluded bay of white sand, is an idyllic spot for those looking to chill and relax on the beach. It’s perfect for snorkelling and kayaking, surrounded by quality hotels like Cala San Miguel The Club, by Hilton. Adventure seekers can explore the neighbouring beach of Benirras or follow hiking trails to Torre des Molar and the smuggler’s caves at Cova de Can Marca, making it an exquisite blend of relaxation and exploration.

Puerto de San Miguel Ibiza

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For those seeking a luxurious escape, the La Posidonia Spa and cliff-top pools at the Hacienda Na Xamena offer an unparalleled retreat. Tucked away in a world-famous deluxe resort nearby, it’s the perfect spot to pamper yourself amidst the breathtaking scenery of Ibiza.


Ideal for: nature, retreat

Nestled within the interior of Ibiza, a network of agritourism venues and rural hotels offers a serene getaway that honors the island’s agricultural heritage. These idyllic retreats, often restored farmhouses, immerse guests in peace and tranquillity amidst groves of vegetables and fruit. Catering to a higher-end clientele, they provide a glimpse into a rustic, authentic Ibizan lifestyle, making them perfect sanctuaries for those seeking to connect with nature and simplicity.

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Just outside the bustling life of Ibiza Town, nestled in the tranquil countryside, lies Las Mariposas, a charming rural boutique hotel that promises an escape into serenity. It represents a slice of paradise for those eager to explore the island’s beauty at their own pace, with local Ibiza car rental companies providing the keys to freedom. This hidden gem is a beacon for Ibiza Virgins’ Guides seekers, offering not just a place to stay but a treasure trove of information on how to fully immerse oneself in the Ibizan lifestyle.

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