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Is Spain Safe for Solo Adventures? Discover Here

Traveling to Spain solo can be an incredibly rewarding experience, filled with opportunities to step outside your comfort zone, explore diverse history, and indulge in delicious food. Spain is one of the most gorgeous countries in Europe, boasting a rich history with numerous museums, historic landmarks, and stunning natural beauty like mountains, valleys, forests, beaches, and islands.

For solo travel, Spain is both easy and accessible, with modern and reliable transportation and a variety of safe accommodation options. The country offers plenty of fun things to do and places to see. Whether it’s the vibrant attractions or the warm welcome from the locals, Spain is an amazing travel destination. Solo guided tours like «Spain for Solo Travelers: Barcelona, Madrid, Seville» provide the best of both worlds—you get the freedom to explore on your own terms while benefiting from the expertise of a built-in network of fellow travelers and experts.

Enjoy the freedom to focus on exploration, inspiration, and relaxation, making it easy to feel inspired and impressed with each new discovery. The logistics are handled, leaving you to savor every moment of your solo travel adventure.


Planning Your Solo Trip To Spain

Planning ahead for your solo travel adventure in Spain is crucial to ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience. Make sure to research thoroughly about transportation and accommodation options before arriving in this beautiful foreign country. Spain is known for being a safe destination, but like any trip, careful planning is important.

Planning Your Solo Trip To Spain

When traveling alone, it’s wise to have a clear itinerary and know the best ways to get around. Whether it’s understanding the local transportation systems or booking accommodation in advance, these steps can help you feel more secure and prepared for your solo journey.

Solo Travel To Spain Is Very Safe

Traveling alone to Spain offers both excitement and peace of mind, as it is considered a very safe country. Ranked in the top 10% for safety by U.S. News and World Report, Spain provides a secure environment for solo travelers. While you should always take basic precautions and remain aware of your surroundings, knowing that Spain is generally safe can be reassuring. However, be mindful of pickpockets in larger cities and ensure your belongings are always secure.

Your Tour Director And Local Guides Will Take Care Of Logistics For You

Solo travel is an excellent way to experience the world, but the logistics can be intimidating, especially with a language barrier. Joining a guided tour in Spain eliminates the stress of hopping around different cities. Your transportation and accommodation are taken care of, allowing you to show up ready to explore


Spain has a widespread network of transportation that makes it easy for a solo traveler to navigate. The main forms of transport you’ll need include flights for covering long distances, an efficient train system for major cities, and buses for smaller towns and rural areas.


Given that Spain is quite large, domestic flights can be very handy. Europe offers many budget airlines with cheap flights, making it the quickest way to travel if you’re short on time and need to get from one side of the country to the other.

Is Spain Safe for Solo Adventures


Spain’s extensive rail network makes traveling between major cities like Madrid and Barcelona both speedy and efficient. While trains can be pricey, it’s always wise to compare train prices with bus prices to find a better deal.


Public buses are the cheapest way to reach various destinations in Spain. Although slower than trains and occasionally late, they are generally reliable. For smaller towns and rural areas, public buses are often the only option. Within major cities, they are also useful for navigating a big city area efficiently.

Is Spain Safe for Solo Adventures


As a solo traveler, you may not need to rent a car in Spain due to the expensive costs of car rental, insurance, and gas. However, if you prefer flexibility, renting a car can be an option. If you’re on a work exchange with locals, they might offer to drive you to certain destinations, which can be very handy.


When traveling in big cities, the metro is a great way to get around. In Madrid, for instance, the metro takes you from the airport to the city center in just 15 minutes. It’s cheaper than a taxi and features colored routes that are easy to follow even if you don’t speak Spanish.

Is Spain Safe for Solo Adventures


In larger towns and cities across Spain, taxis are a reliable way to get around. Though more expensive than public transport, they are often faster and easier. If you’re traveling alone at night, opting for a registered taxi can feel safer than taking the metro. While Uber is available in Spain, it’s not as widespread, typically found only in big touristy cities.

Is Spain Safe for Solo Adventures


When planning where to stay in Spain, you’ll find a variety of options to suit all travelers and budget ranges. From hostels and guesthouses to mid-range hotels and luxurious accommodations, Spain offers choices for every type of solo traveler. Whether you’re looking for affordability or splurging on comfort, you’ll find plenty of places to stay that cater to solo adventurers.

Is Spain Safe for Solo Adventures

Work Exchanges

Work exchanges are a fantastic option for traveling solo in Spain, allowing you to work in exchange for accommodation, helping you save money while making friends with locals and volunteers. These opportunities are available across the country through platforms like Worldpackers.

For inspiration, you can help with animal care and gardening at a homestay in Barcelona, volunteer in a vineyard in Málaga, assist with maintenance at an eco-lodge in Cádiz, be a handyman at a surf hostel in Asturias, work on a farm in nature in Córdoba, or volunteer at a family-run hostel along the Camino de Santiago in León.

Additionally, opportunities include helping with social media and photography for a non-profit project in Madrid.


When considering accommodation in Spain, hostels in major cities like Madrid, Barcelona, Granada, Valencia, and Seville are excellent choices for traveling solo. These hostel options provide a social environment where you can easily meet other travelers and make new friends to explore with.

Many hostels offer lockers to safely store your belongings, ensuring a worry-free experience as you immerse yourself in the vibrant culture and sights of Spain’s diverse cities.

Hotels, Airbnbs, and Guesthouses

For solo travelers looking to spend a bit more money, local hotels, guesthouses, and Airbnbs offer a variety of options across different budget ranges. These local guesthouses and hotels are ideal for remote locations where hostels or work exchanges might not be available, providing comfort and a unique local experience.

Is Spain Safe for Solo Adventures

Whether you choose an Airbnb, a cozy guesthouse, or a local hotel, you’ll find suitable accommodation that fits your needs and enhances your stay in Spain.

Why Should You Visit Spain As A Solo Traveler On A Guided Tour?

Grand Tour of Spain traveler Cheryl shared her advice: «Go solo, go with a friend, just go!» Spain is an ideal solo travel destination, perfect for those on our Spain for Solo Travelers: Barcelona, Madrid & Seville tour or other tours. Discover the country in a way that will sweep you off your feet. Whether you’re exploring alone or with companions, Spain offers unforgettable experiences that make it a must-visit destination.

Tips For Budgeting And Saving Money In Spain

When you travel on a budget in Spain, there are several steps you can take to save money. As a solo traveler, being money-savvy allows you to travel further and for a longer duration. Here are some budget travel tips for solo travel in Spain: Eat at local markets in cities and towns where you can find cheap eats and affordable local produce. Drink local alcohol at a tapas bar or restaurant; local Spanish beer and wine are cheap, while imported drinks are more expensive.

Wear comfortable walking shoes; public transport is cheap, but walking is free, scenic, and helps you soak in the scenery. Consider a work exchange to save money on accommodation while gaining a memorable cultural experience. Look for free activities such as hikes, free walking tours, beaches, churches, and monuments. If you’re a student, bring your ID card to get discounts or free entry to various attractions.

What Are Some Of The Best Cities In Spain To Visit For Solo Travelers?

For solo travel, larger cities in Spain are among the best places to visit, especially if it’s your first time in the country. Cities like Barcelona, Madrid, and Valencia are easy to navigate with their grid layout, and they offer excellent infrastructure and public transit options. You’ll find plenty of options for dining and free-time excursions. These cities provide a perfect mix of vibrant culture, historical landmarks, and a variety of activities to keep you engaged throughout your trip.


Barcelona is a colorful coastal city renowned for its art and architecture. As the capital of Spain’s Catalonia region, it’s particularly popular among those traveling solo. The city is laid out on a grid, making it very walkable, and its public transportation is excellent.

Is Spain Safe for Solo Adventures

Many residents speak English, so getting lost is less of a concern. You’ll discover a wealth of landmarks, from unconventional architecture to lush parks and white-sand beaches. Even simply walking around the city offers plenty to see and enjoy.

What Should You Do As A Solo Traveler In Barcelona?

Admire La Sagrada Família: Antoni Gaudí’s unfinished masterpiece. The kaleidoscopic colors from the stained glass windows and tree-like columns make it a breathtaking and transformative experience, perfect for quiet introspection.

Stroll down La Rambla: This tree-lined pedestrian boulevard is ideal for people-watching, with its colorful mosaics, shops, and restaurants. Be aware that prices here tend to be higher due to the tourist crowd.

Explore Park Güell: A candy-colored wonderland within the city. On our Park Güell & La Pedrera excursion, you can witness some of Gaudí’s most playful works and enjoy one of the best views of Barcelona.


Traveling Spain solo is an exciting adventure, and in Madrid, you’ll find you’re never really alone. This capital city is a bustling hub in the center of the country, with plenty of people around. Your trip to Madrid will reveal a city that seamlessly merges the old and the new, offering a wonderful place to learn about traditional Spanish culture.

Is Spain Safe for Solo Adventures

What Should You Do As A Solo Traveler In Madrid?

Prado Museum: Be inspired at Spain’s primary art museum, home to works by Goya and El Greco, considered one of the best art museums in the world. Carry a small journal or sketchbook to jot down your thoughts and inspiration from the masters.

Tapas Cooking Class: Join a cooking class at a culinary school with fellow travelers and a chef. Learn to make traditional Spanish tapas, make new friends, and enjoy a meal together to share the fruits of your labor.

Traditional Spanish Culture: Experience dinner and a show with a Traditional Spanish Evening, including a Castilian dinner and tuno music. This style was invented by Spanish university students in the 13th century. Enjoy old-world Spanish culture with locals and other travelers.


Seville is a vibrant and lively city in the Andalusia region, perfect for an afternoon of wandering, daydreaming, and snapping photos. This exciting city is walkable and filled with Islamic architecture, mosaics, and charming neighborhoods draped in flowers. The streets are lined with thousands of fragrant orange trees, making every stroll a delight.

Is Spain Safe for Solo Adventures

What Should You Do As A Solo Traveler In Seville?

Royal Alcázar: Explore the royal palace combining Islamic and Gothic architecture in Mudéjar style, one of the top reasons to visit Seville. Each of the rooms and gardens is more enchanting than the last.

Flamenco show: Seville, the birthplace of Flamenco, offers the perfect opportunity to join fellow travelers for a drink and enjoy this expressive art form with music, singing, and dancing.

Tinto de verano: On a lazy, free afternoon, sip on tinto de verano, the locals’ favorite drink that’s simpler than Sangria. It’s made of red wine and lemonade or lemon-lime soda, served over ice.

The Cities Are Easy To Navigate

Spanish cities like Barcelona, Madrid, and Valencia are remarkably easy to navigate. Many are laid out on a grid, ensuring you won’t have trouble finding your way even when you venture out alone. These cities are highly walkable and boast efficient, straightforward public transportation systems that make exploring a breeze.

Whether you’re in bustling Barcelona or historic Madrid, getting around is simple and stress-free for solo travelers.

What To Do In Your Free Time While Traveling Solo In Spain

Traveling solo offers you the unique freedom to spend your free time without having to compromise. When exploring Spain, you can change your itinerary on a whim and set out with no agenda to see where the day takes you. Enjoy tapas and pintxos at local bars, shop for souvenirs at vibrant markets, and snap some photos of the stunning scenery.

Relax at one of Spain’s beautiful beaches, or explore a local market for fresh and delicious food. Spain’s charming cities and rich culture offer endless opportunities for solo travelers to immerse themselves in the local way of life.

Enjoy Tapas And Pintxos

Indulging in tapas and pintxos is a must for any solo traveler in Spain. These small bites, often skewered with a toothpick, allow you to taste a wide variety of food without ordering more than you can eat. It’s not uncommon to eat alone as a solo diner in an establishment. Opt for bar seating where it’s natural for bar patrons to chat and make new friends.

Is Spain Safe for Solo Adventures

In larger Spanish cities, many locals speak English, but knowing some key phrases in Spanish can be helpful. Don’t hesitate to ask the bartender to recommend spots that are off the beaten path. A useful travel tip: when traveling solo in Spain, save the paella for a meal with your new friends.

It’s usually made fresh in large batches meant to serve two to four people. To enjoy the freshest paella, recruit some of your fellow travelers to join you for a meal.

Sampling Local Cuisine

Exploring Spanish food is an essential part of your solo travel experience. The heavy and heartwarming dishes will have you eager to indulge in every meal. Visit tapas restaurants for a variety of small bites, enjoy a refreshing gazpacho soup, and don’t miss out on generous servings of paella. Sampling the delicious and flavorful foods of Spain will undoubtedly enhance your journey.

gazpacho soup

Shop For Souvenirs

One of my favorite things about traveling solo is the freedom to shop for souvenirs at my own pace. Picking up ceramics from Seville or a bottle of olive oil from Córdoba allows you to bring a piece of Spain back for your loved ones. Your friends and family will cherish these gifts and enjoy hearing the stories behind them. While shopping, don’t forget to pick something up for yourself as a memento of your journey.

Shop For Souvenirs in spain

Snap Some Photos

Capturing the perfect selfie can be a fun challenge when traveling alone, but you can always ask your fellow travelers for help. Spain is a beautiful country that will inspire you to hone your photography skills. From the historic Alhambra glowing in the Granada sunset to the charming villages of the Sierra Nevada, there are countless subjects for that trip-defining shot. Especially in Andalusia, every corner offers something stunning to capture.

Head To The Beach

For some quiet alone time, nothing beats a day at the beach. Spain’s thousands of miles of coastline boast some of the world’s most beautiful beaches. Whether you choose the Costa del Sol, the Balearic Islands, or San Sebastián’s Playa de la Concha, you’re in for a treat. Even within Barcelona’s city limits, you can find stunning beaches perfect for relaxation.

Is Spain Safe for Solo Adventures

Snack Your Way Through A Local Market

Exploring markets in Spain is a solo traveler’s dream. You can explore, people watch, and sample delicious local cuisine all in one place. Each city has unique markets, but some favorites include Mercat de Santa Caterina in Barcelona, Mercado de San Miguel in Madrid, and Mercado de la Bretxa in San Sebastián.

These places are perfect for meeting people and trying incredible foods. As staffer Lauren said, every city in Spain has its own charm, so visit at least one and you’ll be sure to thank me later.

Staying Safe As A Solo Traveler In Spain: Avoiding Common Risks

Solo travelers should always use common sense and good judgment to stay safe. Here are some safety tips for traveling alone in Spain: read ratings and reviews for accommodations to ensure they’re reliable, avoid going out at night alone to prevent vulnerable situations, and keep your belongings secure, as pickpocketing can occur in larger cities.

Making local friends can provide insider knowledge on safe places to visit, and learning some basic Spanish phrases can help you navigate and show respect for the local culture.

Read Ratings And Reviews For Accommodations

Before booking your stay, always read ratings and reviews for accommodations such as a hostel, Airbnb, or work exchange. Checking reviews from other travelers helps you understand what to expect.

Positive reviews indicate a safe and reliable place, while bad reviews or no reviews can be a red flag for solo travelers. Prioritizing well-reviewed accommodations ensures a safer and more enjoyable experience while traveling alone in Spain.

Avoid Going Out At Night Alone

To stay safe, avoid going out at night alone as it makes you vulnerable, especially if you are a foreigner in a new country. Instead, always go out with a group at night to ensure you are not exposed to unnecessary risks while enjoying your time in Spain.

Keep Your Belongings Safe

While traveling in Spain, especially in big cities, be vigilant about keeping your belongings safe. Pickpocketing can be common, so use a money belt, avoid wearing flashy jewelry, and always carry a secure bag. In your hostel, ensure your bags are locked in a locker to prevent theft.

Make Local Friends

Making local friends can greatly enhance your safety while traveling solo in Spain. Whether through a work exchange, or by befriending local staff at your accommodation or on tours, locals have invaluable knowledge about safe places and can offer insider tips to enrich your travel experience.

Learn Some Spanish

Learning some Spanish can significantly enhance your experience while traveling alone in Spain. Not only does it help you navigate better, but it also shows respect for the local culture and your willingness to make an effort. Even knowing a few basic words can make you seem more worldly and compassionate to the locals, contributing to a safer and more enjoyable journey.

Solo Activities To Experience In Spain

Exploring Spain alone opens up a world of opportunities to immerse yourself in unique experiences. From visiting museums and historic churches to hiking the breathtaking mountains of the Pyrenees or Canary Islands, there’s always something to captivate your interest.

Sample the local cuisine by indulging in tapas and gazpacho, or relax on the beautiful beaches of Costa del Sol and Ibiza. Don’t miss out on experiencing the vibrant flamenco shows and market shopping in Seville or Madrid. Each of these activities offers a chance to connect with the local culture and make your solo journey memorable.

Visiting Museums, Churches, And Monuments

Exploring Spain’s rich history, art, and religion through its museums, churches, and monuments is an essential part of any visit. The museums here offer a chance to uncover the culture of this vibrant country.

Is Spain Safe for Solo Adventures

Toledo, a charming town near Madrid, is renowned for its religious tolerance, with museums and religious buildings that highlight its unique role in Spanish history. In Madrid, the world-famous art museums like El Prado house masterpieces that reflect Spain’s artistic heritage.

Going Hiking

Spain offers breathtaking hiking opportunities with its peaks in the Pyrenees and volcanic hills in the Canary Islands. Whether you’re tackling part of the Camino de Santiago or the thrilling Caminito Del Rey, the country’s mountains, national parks, islands, and coastal walks provide endless exploration.

Hiking in spain

For solo travel, ensure you’re well-prepared: pack a first-aid kit, hike during daylight hours, and ideally, find a buddy to stay safe.

Hitting The Beach

Spain’s extensive coastline boasts some of the world’s most beautiful beaches. Whether you’re applying sunscreen before diving into the water at city beaches like those in Barcelona and Valencia, or exploring charming towns such as Alicante, San Sebastian, and Tossa Del Mar, the mainland offers plenty of sandy escapes.

Is Spain Safe for Solo Adventures

On the islands, you’ll find stunning stretches of sand and sea. Ibiza is known for its vibrant beach parties, Mallorca for its relaxing, idyllic beaches, and Tenerife for its secluded beaches and dramatic volcanic scenery.

Seeing A Local Performance

Spanish culture is deeply rooted in the arts, making Spain a fantastic place to enjoy local performances. Whether you’re watching locals play instruments in the street or attending an official flamenco performance, the blend of music and dance performances is always beautiful and profoundly moving.

Solo Travel In Spain Wrap-Up

Embarking on solo travel in Spain is an amazing idea. This journey is easy for any solo traveler and generally safe if you take the necessary precautions to avoid the occasional pickpocket. Spain’s culture is rich, its people are kind, and it’s incredibly fun to learn Spanish while traveling.

Consider a work exchange to immerse yourself in local traditions. Whether hiking, beach-hopping, or exploring museums, you’ll have endless opportunities to learn everything about this beautiful country.

The Weather In Spain Is Lovely

The weather in Spain is indeed lovely and varies by season. While it can get hot in the summer and cold in the winter, the average climate is quite mild. With relatively little rainfall, some areas enjoy over 320 sunny days a year. Always pack for a range of weather conditions, but the expectation of sun makes planning your trip even more enjoyable.

You’ll Find An Ideal Balance Between Art, History, And Leisure

Spain offers its visitors a perfect blend of art, architecture, and history while also providing plenty of opportunities to relax on a beach. There are numerous chances to indulge your interests and explore when you travel solo, with excellent food and wine enhancing your travels. Check out our ultimate food and wine guide for suggestions to make your trip even more enjoyable.

You’ll See Parts Of Spain You Might Not Get To Experience On Your Own

Planning a tour itinerary alone can be challenging, especially in a country you’ve never visited. With a Tour Director and local guides, you’ll benefit from their expert insider knowledge of historical sites, art, restaurants, and photo ops. They will take you off the beaten path, ensuring you experience the best of Spain on your tour, including the parts you didn’t even know about.

You’ll Forge New Friendships

A solo group tour in Spain is a fantastic way to meet and connect with other travelers who share your wanderlust. When you join a tour, even if you start alone, you’ll quickly form connections with a group of people who share your adventure and experiences. These bonds often turn into lasting friendships, sometimes leading to future travel together.

Traveling solo can help you find a travel buddy among your traveling companions. Many find themselves in a friendly group, each bringing something unique to complement the experience, ensuring that even a single person on the trip feels fully included in all social activities with other participants.

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