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Is Barcelona Safe for Solo Female Travelers in 2024?

Traveling to Barcelona as a solo female traveler can feel intimidating, but rest assured, it’s possible to feel safe and secure in this great city. With some helpful tips to take into account from someone who lives here and was a solo traveler before moving to Barcelona, you’ll find the safest way for females to navigate this beautiful city. Knowing where to stay, which neighborhoods are best suited, and the various transportation options available are crucial for making your trip as safe as possible.

Barcelona offers unique opportunities for solo female travelers, such as guided walking tours, sunset cruises, and fun group activities and hikes. Whether you’re planning a trip or already here, follow these tips to safely explore and fully enjoy everything this amazing city has to offer. Walking down Via Laietana, a busy street near my hotel, I felt at ease joining the many other pedestrians in the morning.

The city’s lively, cosmopolitan atmosphere, with busy cafes and eateries on every corner, seeing other women heading out empowered me to explore further alone. After a remarkable first day of solo sightseeing, I began to believe that solo travel was something I could enjoy without feeling uncomfortable in my surroundings.

Is Barcelona Safe For Solo Female Travelers?

Barcelona is a fantastic destination for solo female travelers, renowned for being a safe place with low violent crime rates. Walking by yourself during the day feels secure, but be mindful of the biggest problem: pickpockets, especially in touristy areas which are the worst. To avoid becoming a victim of petty crimes, stay vigilant. Fortunately, there are plenty of safe neighborhoods to choose from during your trip.

Is Barcelona Safe for Solo Female Travelers

Barcelona is a popular solo travel spot for both women and men, offering diverse activities such as exploring tapas bars in the Gothic Quarter, bar hopping in El Born, or soaking up summer rays at Barceloneta beach. There’s truly something for everyone. By taking basic safety precautions and using common sense, you can enjoy this vibrant city to its fullest, regardless of when you visit.

Solo Travel In Barcelona Personal Experiences

Why I Chose Barcelona

Barcelona was my pick for solo travel on my next trip due to its convenience and necessity. After visiting Malta alone during a three-week Europe trip and spending ten days in Greece with my husband, I found a direct flight from Malta via a two-hour Ryanair flight.

Moreover, I could take a direct flight back to the United States from this city I had never visited. Although Catalan is the official language, my five years of Spanish in school made me feel more confident about visiting Spain. This trip also gave me the chance to brush up on my language skills, and I was relieved that Spanish is widely spoken in Barcelona.

How I Planned To Solo Travel To Barcelona

For my Barcelona trip, I only made concrete plans for my hotel and two tours before arrival. My Malta stay had left me feeling drained and doubting solo travel, so I decided to see how I felt before committing to too much Barcelona sightseeing. I chose to stay in a hotel rather than an Airbnb, picking the city center location of H10 Cubik on Via Laietana for its modern and artistic vibe, within walking distance of several popular neighborhoods.

I didn’t need to rent a car since the metro was convenient. Arriving around midnight the night before my first day, I initially considered staying in my hotel to write and watch Netflix, but my attitude changed the first morning when I stepped out for coffee and immediately wanted to explore the beautiful city and its rich culture.

Crime Rate In Barcelona

In the town of Barcelona, crime has gone down almost 15% compared to 2019, thanks to the collective efforts of the community and authorities to ensure safety and security for both residents and visitors. The Department of State has classified Spain with a Level 2: Exercise Increased Caution advisory, emphasizing the importance of being mindful and taking appropriate measures for a safe and enjoyable experience. Whether you’re traveling solo and exploring in Barcelona, Madrid, Valencia, or along the coast, you can feel secure by staying aware and prepared.

Safe Neighborhoods In Barcelona For Solo Female Travel Spain


Eixample in Barcelona is one of the city’s most iconic neighborhoods, known for its neat grid pattern, tree-lined streets, and unique architecture. It is a safe, residential area offering plenty of cafes, restaurants, and shops to explore. You can easily reach the heart of the neighborhood by the metro line. There are also numerous parks where you can escape to nature within the city. The friendly locals ensure that visitors receive a warm welcome.


Gracia is the best neighborhood for first time travelers to Barcelona. With Gaudi’s creations like Park Gϋell, Plaça del Sol, and Sagrada Familia in close proximity, there are plenty of sightseeing opportunities. The area is filled with shops and restaurants, and it boasts a lively nightlife without being overwhelming. It’s also a very safe area, making it the perfect place for solo travelers.

Is Barcelona Safe for Solo Female

Barcelona Sants

Barcelona Sants is a quiet family town in the southwest of Barcelona, known for its main train station. The area is quiet with small food markets, local shops, and a few bars, primarily residential. While it’s safe, it’s not overly convenient for reaching popular tourist attractions on foot. Using the metro is necessary for getting to sightseeing spots. However, immersing yourself in the local culture and experiencing the authentic side of Barcelona can be rewarding.

Safe Neighborhoods In Barcelona For Solo Female Travel Spain

Is It Safe To Travel To Barcelona Alone? Areas To Avoid In Barcelona As A Solo Female Traveler

When considering «Is it Safe to Travel to Barcelona Alone? Areas to Avoid in Barcelona as a Solo Female Traveler,» certain spots warrant caution. Raval is one of those streets to avoid for solo travelers due to its reputation. Barceloneta is another area where pickpockets and bag diggers are active during the day. Keep a close eye on your belongings, especially at night when walking around the beach can be risky.

The area gets particularly crowded even during Christmas time. Gotico and Born are the busiest areas with some of the best tapas and famous clubs and rooftop bars for nightlife. However, for traveling solo as a female, it’s best to steer clear of these areas after dark. Remember, safety first.

How To Get Around Barcelona On Your Own

Walking through Barcelona is a great way to explore the city. You can walk to most areas and sightseeing spots in just 10-30 minutes. It’s an incredibly walkable city with many safe walking routes. The extensive metro system is also affordable and ideal if you plan to use it as your primary method of transportation—just get a T-card. For late night trips or long distances, use Free Now, the local ride-share app with verified taxis.

Is Barcelona Safe For American Tourists?

Is Barcelona safe for tourists? Absolutely! Is it safe for Americans? Definitely! Travelers from the United States can feel secure exploring Barcelona on their own. The city boasts a low rate of violent crime and is known for its welcoming atmosphere. While enjoying the vibrant culture, it’s essential to be cautious of pickpockets in busy areas like Las Ramblas and Barceloneta beach. By exercising basic safety measures and using common sense, American tourists can have a wonderful and safe experience in Barcelona.

Best Hotels In Barcelona For Solo Travelers

These hotels in Barcelona are solo traveler approved so you can plan your solo trip to Barcelona with confidence. The H10 Cubik in the city center offers a modern and artistic design, making it a great choice for those who prefer walking distance to popular neighborhoods. For a more authentic experience, consider staying in Gracia at a cozy boutique hotel that provides a safe and welcoming atmosphere.

Best Hotels In Barcelona For Solo Travelers

If you prefer luxury, the El Palace Hotel in Eixample offers top-notch amenities and is close to major attractions. For budget-conscious travelers, Hostel One in Gothic Quarter offers clean rooms and a friendly environment. Each of these options ensures safety and comfort for solo female travelers exploring Barcelona.

Solo Travel To Barcelona: Things To Do In Barcelona For Solo Travelers

Planning a solo trip to Barcelona offers endless opportunities for adventure and discovery. From thrilling outdoor activities like hikes and tours to the city’s vibrant nightlife and diverse food culture, there’s something for every solo traveler. Enjoy fun activities, including day trips and weekend trips to nearby attractions such as Montserrat, La Sagrada Familia, and Park Güell.

Solo Travel To Barcelona: Things To Do In Barcelona For Solo Travelers

Meet other travelers at lively bars and cafes, sipping on sangria and enjoying Spanish tapas. For a more cultural experience, explore famous museums and architecture throughout the city. A 3-hour tapas tour on your first night is a great way to meet like-minded travelers over food and wine, and you might end up sharing a drink with people from different countries.

Marvel at the sweeping views of Park Güell and let a guide capture perfect photos at La Sagrada Familia, pointing out intricate details often missed by the average visitor. Visiting in late September means fewer high-season crowds, allowing you to buy tickets to popular sights like Barcelona Cathedral and Picasso Museum with minimal waiting.

Barcelona Safety Tips For Solo Female Travellers

As a solo female traveler in Barcelona, it’s essential to be aware of your surroundings and take certain precautions to ensure your trip is as safe as possible. The city is generally safe, but like any popular destination, it has areas and situations to be cautious of.

First, avoid carrying a purse; instead, opt for a belt bag to keep your belongings secure from pickpockets. Always be vigilant in crowded places like Las Ramblas or Sagrada Familia. Secondly, never leave your belongings unattended on the beach; invest in a waterproof bag if necessary.

At night, stay in groups and avoid empty alleys and streets. Use the extensive metro system for safe and affordable transportation, and for late-night trips, rely on Free Now, a local ride-share app with verified taxis. Lastly, while it’s not customary to tip in Barcelona, a small gesture for exceptional service is appreciated. Following these safety tips will help you enjoy your trip and explore this beautiful city with confidence.

Don’t Carry A Purse! Keep Your Belongings Secure In A Belt Bag

When exploring Barcelona, beware of pickpockets targeting unsuspecting travelers, especially if you’re alone and trying to find your way around. Instead of carrying a purse, which makes it easier for thieves to access your belongings, opt for a belt bag, fanny pack, or bum bag to keep your items secure. This is particularly crucial in crowded areas like Las Ramblas and Sagrada Familia.

Using a belt bag also keeps your hands free, allowing you to better enjoy the city and have easy access to your most important stuff. Consider visiting during the off-season in February or March to avoid the pesky crowds and have a more pleasant experience with your travel companions.

Never Leave Your Belongings On The Beach

In the summer, Barcelona is beautiful but crowded, especially in June and August. Pickpockets target unsuspecting visitors, making wallets, purses, phones, and other electronics vulnerable. If you’re at the beach, never leave your belongings unattended while taking a dip in the water. Consider using a waterproof bag or phone case to keep your valuables safe. Alternatively, visit quieter, more local beaches instead of Barceloneta to avoid the throngs of tourists and potential theft.

Is Barcelona Safe for Solo Female Travelers

Stay With Groups After Sundown

Staying with groups after sundown is crucial for safety in Barcelona. The city has its dangers like any other, so taking precautions during the evening hours is wise. Find a buddy during your travels or make friends in your hostel to avoid feeling isolated or disconnected as you explore. Avoid empty alleyways and streets; it’s always safer with others, whether you’re in New York City or Barcelona. Being aware of your surroundings can prevent trouble and ensure a safe and enjoyable vacation.

Don’t Carry A Ton Of Cash Around

For solo travel in Barcelona, it’s best not to carry a ton of cash. Credit cards are widely accepted at restaurants, cafes, and taxis, so you only need a small amount for emergencies. Avoid keeping it in a side pocket, backpack, purse, or bag where it could easily fall into the wrong hands. While credit cards can be cancelled, once cash is gone, it’s lost for good. Be smart with your money to stay safe.

Avoid The Beaches After Dark

Barcelona’s beaches are beautiful during the day but can be dangerous at night. After sundown, they become dark and secluded, making them prone to robbery, assault, and even drowning. It’s generally unsafe to be alone on the beaches after dark, so take advantage of what these beaches offer during the daytime instead.

Plan Your Trip Before Arriving

On your solo trip to Barcelona, it’s crucial to plan ahead to make the process easier and avoid feeling overwhelmed or aimless upon arriving. By researching transportation and accommodation options, you’ll know what to expect. Familiarizing yourself with must-see sights and attractions ensures you won’t miss out on key locations you want to visit. This preparation provides peace of mind when traveling alone, allowing you to map out the highlights of your stay and fully enjoy your trip.

Do Your Research!

Before you visit Barcelona, doing thorough research is essential to ensure your trip is both enjoyable and safe. By planning a safe solo trip ahead of time, you’ll be ahead of the game. Look into hotels or hostels in the area and read reviews from past travelers to ensure you stay in safe areas like Gracia or Eixample. Understanding local transportation and how to move around the city using public transportation is crucial. Additionally, familiarizing yourself with cultural norms will help you know what’s expected when visiting certain places or talking to locals, making your trip run smoothly while giving you the freedom to explore.

Don’t Leave Your Phone On The Table Or Bags On The Back Of Your Seat

In Barcelona, it’s crucial to be vigilant about your belongings. If someone approaches your table to distract you, another person might quickly snag your valuables. Bags hanging off your chair are especially easy targets. To keep your items safe, always keep them close, particularly at outdoor cafes and restaurants.

Barcelona Solo Travel Safety Tips

Be Vigilant In Crowded Areas

In Barcelona, popular tourist spots often attract pickpockets. Pay close attention to your belongings in busy areas such as La Rambla, metro stations, and major attractions. Always stay aware of your surroundings and keep your valuables secure to avoid becoming a target.

Use A Cross-Body Bag Or Money Belt

Barcelona is a fantastic destination, but to stay safe from pickpockets, consider using a cross-body bag with a secure zipper or a money belt hidden under your clothes. This keeps your valuables close and harder to access. Refrain from putting wallets or smartphones in your back pocket, as these are easy targets for thieves.

Keep Photocopies Of Important Documents

When traveling to Barcelona as a solo female traveler, it’s crucial to keep both digital and physical copies of essential documents like your passport and travel insurance. Store the physical copies separately from the originals, and use a secure cloud-based storage service for digital copies. This precaution ensures you have access to your information even if the originals are lost or stolen.

Use Atms In Well-Lit, Busy Areas

When in Barcelona, solo female travelers should withdraw cash only from ATMs in well-lit or busy areas, preferably those inside banks. Always be alert for any suspicious devices or individuals, and make sure to shield your PIN when entering it. This practice can significantly enhance your safety and protect you from potential theft.

Stay Connected And Share Your Itinerary

When traveling solo in Barcelona, ensure your safety by staying connected with friends or family. Regularly update them on your whereabouts and share your travel plans, accommodation details, and contact information. This way, someone always knows where you are in case of emergencies, giving you and your loved ones peace of mind.

Be Cautious When Using Public Wi-Fi

Cybercriminals often target public Wi-Fi networks. To protect your data while traveling in Barcelona, use a VPN (Virtual Private Network) when connecting to public networks. Avoid accessing sensitive information like online banking on unsecured connections to ensure your personal details remain safe.

Learn Basic Spanish Phrases

Familiarize yourself with basic Spanish phrases, especially those related to safety and emergencies. Knowing how to ask for help or directions can be invaluable in a difficult situation. Simple phrases like «¿Dónde está la estación de policía?» (Where is the police station?) or «Necesito ayuda» (I need help) can make a significant difference in ensuring your safety while exploring Barcelona.

Trust Your Instincts

If you feel uneasy or sense something is off, listen to your instincts and leave the area immediately. Don’t hesitate to seek assistance from locals or fellow travelers if you find yourself in an uncomfortable situation. Your intuition is a valuable tool for staying safe while navigating Barcelona as a solo female traveler.

Is It Rude Not To Tip In Barcelona?

In Barcelona, tipping is not as common as in some other countries, such as the United States. It is not expected at bars or cafes since the bill usually includes a service charge. However, rounding up the bill or leaving small change as a gesture of appreciation for good service is appreciated. A 10% tip is typical in restaurants for exceptional service, but it is not customary to tip taxi drivers, although rounding up the fare is appreciated. In conclusion, it’s not considered rude to skip tipping, but leaving a small tip for exceptional service is always welcomed.

Final Thoughts: Is Barcelona Safe for Solo Female Travellers?

Barcelona is incredibly safe for solo female travelers, offering numerous safe activities and safe places to stay. With its stunning architecture and endless opportunities to explore and learn, it’s no surprise that Spain remains one of the most popular destinations for solo travelers. Whether visiting in March or September, you’re sure to have an amazing trip. As one of the safe countries in Europe, taking general safety precautions will ensure an unforgettable trip for any solo female traveler.

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