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Hidden Beaches of Almeria: Find Your Paradise!

Imagine a coastal paradise where the Mediterranean Sea washes over 100 km of astonishing and breathtaking beaches and coves, a setting so scenic it’s been chosen for countless favourite movies. Almeria offers this and more, with its fabulous beaches that never disappoint, boasting 320 days of sunshine and warm weather annually.

Whether you’re looking to envision a serene getaway or dive into a variety of activities like paddle boarding, beach volleyball, or simply enjoying a relaxing drink at one of the many beach bars, Almeria’s crystalline waters and pristine sands are welcoming.

Awarded with Blue Flag statuses for their cleanliness and facilities, these shores are just minutes from the city centre, ready to offer the best experience in beachside leisure.

Best Beaches Of Almeria

Mónsul Beach (San José)

Nestled in the Natural Park of Cabo de Gata, Mónsul Beach in San José offers more than just a stretch of sand; it’s a 300mt-long shore that captures the essence of natural beauty and cinematic history. Known for its appearance in famous movies like Indiana Jones, Mónsul is an isolated, semi-virgin beach where the dramatic lava formations serve as natural shelters from the hot sun rays.

The fine sand and limpid, slope-free waters make it a perfect retreat for families and tourists seeking tranquility without the clutter of commercial facilities. Although there is a limited-access parking lot, many choose the eco-friendly option to arrive by bus, enhancing the serene experience.

Beaches of Almeria

This beach not only offers a fabulous getaway but also holds a piece of Hollywood allure right on the shores of Almeria.

Aguadulce Beach (Roquetas de Mar)

Located in the bustling town of Roquetas de Mar, Aguadulce Beach stretches a generous 2500mt along the South of Almeria, becoming a favorite hotspot during weekends and the summer months. This beach is renowned for its dark sand and quiet waters, offering a tranquil escape complemented by the prestigious Blue Flag award from the EU, recognizing its high quality and cleanliness.

Visitors enjoy a plethora of services including rescue service, local police, and Red Cross facilities ensuring a safe environment for all. The beach is well-equipped with toilets, showers, bins, and even offers umbrella and deck-chairs rental, making it exceptionally convenient. Disabled access ensures inclusivity for all visitors.

Beaches of Almeria

For those looking to extend their stay beyond the sun and sea, a leisurely stroll along the paseo marítimo or a visit to one of the many chiringuitos—charming Spanish restaurants right on the beach—provides delightful dining options. Aguadulce Beach not only promises relaxation but a full spectrum of tourist-friendly amenities that make every visit memorable.

Los Genoveses Beach (San José)

Los Genoveses Beach near San José, nestled within the Natural Park of Cabo de Gata, offers more than just 1200 metres of fine gold sand; it’s a gateway to the past. Located just 2km from the town of San José, this virgin cove is free from buildings and streets, accessible only by a natural path flanked by lavender bushes, leading to a breathtaking view of the bay and the Morrón de Los Genoveses, a striking volcanic headland.

The beach’s serene beauty has been a backdrop for movies like «The Wind and the Lion» starring Sean Connery. It holds a deep historical significance dating back to 1147, when the Genoese fleet aided Castellan troops to liberate Almeria from the Muslim kingdom of Granada, a legacy echoed in the shared Almerian and Genoese flags.

Beaches of Almeria

This pristine beach, untouched by modern development, offers a perfect blend of natural beauty and historical resonance, making it a must-visit for those who cherish history and tranquility alike.

Las Negras Beach (Las Negras)

Nestled within the Natural Park of Cabo de Gata near the town of Níjar, Las Negras Beach stretches an 850 mt-long expanse where sand meets pebbles, and crystal-clear waters lap gently against a backdrop of dramatic volcanic rocks from Cerro Negro. This beach, shielded by natural barriers that protect sunbathers from the wind, offers a quiet atmosphere that makes it an ideal family-friendly destination.

Despite its serene setting, Las Negras is well-equipped with necessary facilities such as showers, rescue service, disabled access, and ample parking area. For adventurers, a sea ferry runs to the secluded bay of San Pedro, adding a touch of exploration to the visit.

Beaches of Almeria

Whether you’re looking to relax in solitude or venture slightly off the beaten path, Las Negras provides a perfect blend of natural beauty and thoughtful amenities, making it a cherished spot for both locals and visitors alike.

Los Muertos Beach (Carboneras)

Los Muertos Beach, often described as a heaven on earth despite its eerie name derived from the corpses of shipwrecks, offers an unparalleled beach experience in the protected natural park of Cabo de Gata. This 1600 mt-long virgin beach boasts crystal-clear waters and thin gravelled sand, set against a backdrop of dramatic landscapes that invite both tourists and nudists seeking solitude outside the high season.

With no services available except a surveillance service to monitor the unpredictable easterly wind, visitors are advised to exercise caution when choosing to dive into the deep blue. Access to this secluded paradise is not for the faint-hearted; it requires navigating a steep, 800 mt-long path from the parking area, which has a modest cost.

Beaches of Almeria

Here, the blend of natural beauty and haunting historical tales creates a profound sense of place, making Los Muertos a compelling destination for those looking to explore the quieter, more mysterious side of Almeria’s coastlines.

Los Escullos Beach (Níjar)

Nestled within the Natural Park of Cabo de Gata, Los Escullos, a quaint little town of fishermen, presents a stretch of beach that is both historically rich and cinematically famed. Flanked by the Isleta del Moro and Arco Beach, this serene locale is distinguished by its dunes of fine sand and the iconic Castle of San Felipe, erected in the XVIII century under Charles III.

Beaches of Almeria

Known not just for its natural beauty but also as a backdrop for films like «Les Dalton» and «Never Say Never Again», Los Escullos offers more than just sunbathing—it’s a portal to the past. Despite its historical depth, the beach is well-equipped for modern visitors, with robust surveillance and coastal protection, along with nearby restaurants and bars that cater to every taste.

Whether you’re looking to delve into the area’s storied past or just enjoy a day under the sun, Los Escullos encapsulates the perfect blend of history and relaxation.

Cala de Enmedio (Níjar)

Tucked away in the Natural Park of Cabo de Gata, Cala de Enmedio stands out as one of the best beaches in Europe, a title bestowed by the New York Times. This secluded beach is accessible only on foot or by boat, ensuring its pristine condition is preserved from the usual tourist tread.

Here, visitors are greeted by dark sand contrasted against crystal-clear blue waters and dramatic white-rock geological formations that sculpt the coastline. Cala de Enmedio is not just a beach but a haven for those seeking isolation—perfect for nudism or a tranquil day of scuba diving.

Beaches of Almeria

Its remote beauty makes it a coveted spot for those looking to escape into nature’s embrace, far from the bustling crowds, where the serene environment and the sound of the waves provide a truly therapeutic escape.

El Playazo Beach (Rodalquilar)

El Playazo Beach, located near Rodalquilar, is just 3 km away but feels like a world apart with its easy access and stunning landscape of limpid blue waters and fine gold sand. Dominated by the historical San Ramón castle perched atop a nearby fossil dune, this beach offers a slope-free entry making it a safe beach for families with children to enjoy.

Beaches of Almeria

The backdrop of La Molata cliffs, known for their unusual shapes, provides a perfect setting for sunbathing in a serene environment. Although isolated, El Playazo attracts nudists and those seeking a quiet escape from the bustling tourist trails. This beach blends natural beauty with historical allure, making it an ideal spot for anyone looking to soak in the sun while reflecting on the area’s rich past.

Agua Amarga Beach (Níjar)

Nestled within the Natural Park of Cabo de Gata, Agua Amarga Beach in Níjar is a fine-sanded, public beach that combines natural beauty with ample amenities, making it an ideal spot for family outings. This beach is well-equipped with facilities such as surveillance, rescue services, ice-cream stands, bars, and restaurants, ensuring a comfortable and secure environment.

Additionally, disabled access makes it accessible for all visitors. Adventure seekers can explore small rocky coves on the right side of the beach, famous for therapeutic mud baths. On the left side, history buffs will find a historical loading platform used to transport mineral from the Lucainena de Las Torres mine to boats at the port.

Beaches of Almeria

For those who enjoy hiking, a 40km route adjacent to the beach offers a scenic hiking path. Whether you’re looking to relax by the sea or explore rugged paths, Agua Amarga Beach promises a day full of discovery and relaxation.

Las Salinas Beach (Cabo de Gata)

Stretching over 5 km, Las Salinas Beach in Cabo de Gata stands as the biggest beach within the Natural Park of Cabo de Gata, offering a unique landscape where variety of sand from pebbles to thin sand meets the Mediterranean. Ideal for a sunny day outing with the family, the beach is easily accessible via wooden footbridges, with ample parking available near the bars and restaurants.

Beyond sunbathing and swimming, it’s a perfect spot for architecture enthusiasts and birdwatching aficionados. The church of Las Salinas, a notable architectural gem, along with the surrounding ornithological reserve of Las Salinas, adds a cultural and ecological layer to your beach experience, making it more than just a seaside visit.

Beaches of Almeria

Whether you’re lounging on the sand or exploring the local wildlife, Las Salinas Beach offers a diverse array of activities in a picturesque setting.

Playa de San Miguel

Just a 15-minute walk from the city centre, Playa de San Miguel epitomizes the urban beach experience with its lively seaside promenade flanked by a bustling shopping centre, numerous bars, and restaurants. Spanning 2 kilometres from the port to the river Andarax, this beach becomes a popular hotspot during the summer, attracting both tourists and locals looking to escape the heat.

Adjacent are El Zapillo Beach and Palmeral Beach, which is known for its 500 meters of fine, dark sand—perfect for bathing and relaxation. The area also offers well-maintained coastal bike paths, making it an ideal destination for those seeking both recreation and relaxation by the sea.

Beaches of Almeria

Whether you’re in for a day of sunbathing, a leisurely bike ride, or a vibrant night out, Playa de San Miguel provides a dynamic backdrop to any Almeria visit.

La Térmica Beach

Once a bustling maritime sanatorium in the 70’s, La Térmica Beach near Almeria tells the tale of a unique transformation. Located beside a now abandoned thermal power station, this beach was famed for its warm bay, created as boiling water from the plant mixed with seawater to cool turbines.

Despite being a haven for those with muscular pains and bone conditions, bathing was eventually prohibited due to pollution. Today, La Térmica Beach still offers a haunting charm with the power plant’s chimney standing tall and the breakwater, once a part of industrial operations, now serving as a popular spot for fishing and providing shelter from strong winds.

Beaches of Almeria

This beach, marked by history and transformation, offers a poignant view of industrial impact and natural beauty, making it a must-visit for those intrigued by Almeria’s eclectic past.

Nueva Almería Beach

Nueva Almería Beach, nestled in front of the residential area of Nueva Almeria, represents the tranquil final stretch of the city’s beach. This part of Almeria, characterized by new neighbourhood vibes with stand-alone houses rather than blocks of flats, offers a quieter beach experience with fewer restaurants and bars, but plenty of parking spaces, making it easily accessible.

The beach’s history is as deep as its sands; during the Civil War (1936-39), the coast here was fortified with concrete bunkers to deter attackers. Post-war, as the area lay on the outskirts of the city near a now-defunct thermal power plant, it became a popular spot for couples to watch the sunset and relax.

Beaches of Almeria

Today, visitors are drawn not only to its peaceful shores but also to explore the old buildings at the beach end, adding a touch of historical intrigue to their leisurely visits.

Costacabana Beach

Just a 10-minute drive from the bustling Almeria’s urban beach, Costacabana Beach offers a serene escape set against a picturesque backdrop of palm trees lining the seaside promenade. Established in the 70’s to attract British and German investors, this residential area has developed a charm of its own with its one kilometre stretch of coarse sand and the tranquil Ribera Trail.

Beaches of Almeria

Known for being quieter and less crowded even during peak summer months, Costacabana provides all public facilities needed for a safe and relaxing day by the sea, including lifeguards to ensure safety. This beach is perfect for those looking to relax and unwind, away from the crowds, while still enjoying the natural beauty and calm of Almeria’s coast.

Las Olas Beach

Nestled beside Almeria’s port, Las Olas Beach offers a unique blend of natural beauty and historical intrigue within its 250 metres of semi-urban, pebble-lined shoreline. Less frequented and more secluded than other local beaches, it features steep coastlines and limestone formations that hide beautiful coves ideal for exploration. Perched atop a 74 metre high hill overlooking this scenic spot stands the castle and lighthouse of Saint Telmo, structures steeped in history that date back before the 16th century and were rebuilt in the 19th century after destruction by the British navy.

Beaches of Almeria

Today, the lighthouse, now 19-metre tall and part of a new construction, serves as a prime viewpoint offering breathtaking views of spectacular bays around Almeria. Las Olas Beach is a serene escape for those who cherish tranquility alongside historical richness.

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