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Find Inner Peace: Embark on Meditation Retreats in Spain

Imagine escaping to Spain for a transformative meditation retreat, where you can choose to unwind in the tranquility of the mountains or by the soothing sea. These retreats offer everything from yoga and meditation classes to cultural tours and activities, allowing you to immerse yourself fully in serene environments. Whether you seek a brief respite or a longer escape, these retreats are tailored to various budgets and schedules, with options for airport pick-up and drop-off for added convenience.

In Spain, meditation retreats come in both English and Spanish, featuring immersive experiences that include comfortable accommodation and wholesome meals, perfect for those looking to reconnect with themselves in a relaxing setting.

Meditation Retreats In Spain

Have you ever imagined disconnecting from the outside world and reconnecting with your inner world in the peaceful places of Spain? Across this diverse country, from bustling big cities to serene hideaways, meditation retreats offer a sanctuary for both novice and experienced practitioners. Whether you’re looking for a budget-friendly weekend or a luxurious week-long escape, these retreats are remarkably affordable, with options under €500. Dive into yoga and meditation in settings that range from coastal retreats to mountain havens, all available through platforms like Tripaneer and Book Yoga Retreats where you can filter by price, location, and region to find the perfect spiritual getaway that fits your budget.

Meditation Retreats in Spain

Here, every retreat is an opportunity to disconnect and reconnect, allowing you to immerse yourself in tranquility and return rejuvenated.

Silent Meditation And Yoga Retreat Near Barcelona

Ever thought of escaping the chaos of daily life and delving deep into voluntary silence? Just a one-and-a-half-hour drive or three-hour train ride from Barcelona, the Silent Meditation and Yoga Retreat in Santa Maria de Merlès offers a four-day sanctuary. Organized by the Hot Yoga Academy, this retreat promises to reconnect you with your core through three meditation sessions daily, complemented by yoga classes and breath technique classes. Priced at €450 (£408 GBP / $502 USD), you can choose to stay in a shared double room or opt for your own room, ensuring a relaxing sleep.

Yoga Retreat near Barcelona

The retreat includes guided meditation classes, full board with three meals a day, and the serenity of being away from it all, making it a truly fantastic option for those looking to go within. Enjoy the benefits of yoga and deep meditation in an idyllic setting, ideal for those needing a respite to rejuvenate spirit and body.

Yoga And Meditation Retreat Near Alicante

Step off the plane in Alicante, and within a short drive, you’ll find yourself in Aigües, a nearby town embraced by pine trees and the fresh air of the coast. Here, the AUM Retreat Center offers a soothing blend of daily yoga, mountain walks with breathwork instruction, and ecstatic mantra dances. Engage in daily meditation practice to reset your mind amidst nature. This six-night stay includes three meals a day and options for own room accommodation, starting at just €440 (£399 GBP / $492 USD).

Yoga And Meditation Retreat Near Alicante

With flexible dates and a welcoming start any time you arrive, this retreat is perfect for those seeking a profound connection in a picturesque setting, enhancing your journey with the serene backdrop of Alicante’s coastal beauty.

Silent Meditation Retreat Near Almería

Nestled within the Cabo de Gata Níjar Natural Park, known for some of the best beaches in Spain, the seven-day silent meditation retreat in Níjar offers an unrivaled opportunity to deepen your connection to your mind and body without the distractions of the outside world. Reachable by car or public transportation from Malaga, this retreat holds its serene sessions four times per year, catering to small groups to maintain an intimate setting.

Silent Meditation Retreat Near Almería

Here, under the guidance of a seasoned meditation expert, participants engage in daily meditation sessions in complete silence, fostering profound spirituality. This all-inclusive package, offered in multiple languages including English, Dutch, German, and Spanish, includes accommodation and meals, all for €750 (£679 GBP / $837 USD). Check for availability and book your path to tranquility in this picturesque locale.

Silent Yoga And Meditation Retreat In Ibiza

Immerse yourself in the sun, sand, and silence of Ibiza at the Lotus Pad Ibiza, a traditional finca nestled in stunning natural beauty, perfect for those looking to unplug and relax. This seven-day retreat transcends the typical holiday with its combination of silent meditation, moon yoga classes, and energizing yoga classes—all designed to rejuvenate your spirit. You’ll stay in a shared double room, with other room options available, enjoying breakfast each morning and dinner most evenings, all within the serene settings of a working farm.

Silent Yoga And Meditation Retreat In Ibiza

Priced at €570 (£516 GBP / $636 USD), this retreat is a sought-after escape during the summer months. Stay updated by signing up for their newsletter, and embrace a week of transformative tranquility.

Tai Chi, Qigong, And Taoist Yoga Holiday In Fuerteventura

Set against the backdrop of the Canary Islands, the 8-day retreat in Fuerteventura offers more than just a getaway—it’s a deep dive into the disciplines of Tai Chi, Qigong, and Taoist yoga. This ongoing retreat center provides a variety of accommodation options, from private single rooms in a shared villa to tailored spaces that cater to personal comfort and solitude, all set within the breathtaking scenery of the islands. Priced at €910 (£824 GBP / $1,016 USD), the package includes eight nights of accommodation, healthy meals, and holistic acupuncture treatments.

Tai Chi

Beyond the center, engage in transformative daily activities such as excursions on a catamaran to explore the coastline, search for dolphins, and enjoy beach trips. This retreat promises to rejuvenate both body and spirit, making each moment a step towards balance and wellness. Check prices and book your slot to harness the energy of the islands and these ancient practices.

Mindfulness Rural Retreat In Catalonia

Escape to the tranquil rural setting of El-Figueral in Catalonia, just a stone’s throw from Barcelona, for a three-day mindfulness retreat designed to help you disconnect and unwind. Starting every Friday and concluding on Sunday afternoon, this short meditation retreat is the perfect weekend getaway to feel refreshed and renewed. Priced at €630 (£625 GBP / $770 USD), the retreat is ideal for group of friends—requiring just three people to commence.

Dive into meditation sessions led by a certified psychology and mindfulness instructor, take mindfulness walks through the expansive 11-hectare farm, or enjoy leisure activities like swimming in the pool, cycling, kayaking, and wine-tasting.

Every moment is an invitation to engage deeply with your surroundings and yourself, all while savoring delicious meals and dinner on the outdoor terrace. Reconnect with nature and your inner self in this serene Spanish enclave.

Mindful And Wellbeing Retreat With Yoga And Tai Chi In Alicante

In the picturesque beach town of Alicante on the Costa Blanca, escape the chill of winter and immerse yourself in a unique meditation retreat that blends the ancient arts of yoga and Tai Chi. This retreat, set in a cozy retreat center, offers an integrative approach to wellness, focusing on both mind and body through yoga classes, Tai Chi classes, chakra balancing classes, and reflective meditation.

With accommodation options ranging from shared triple rooms in a shared house to other room options with discount options available, this getaway is designed to nurture your spirit. Available several times a year with time slots opening up every 3-4 months (sometimes up to six months in advance), the experience includes all meals, engagement in discussion groups, and excursions to a local village.

Yoga And Tai Chi In Alicante

Priced at €625 (£566 GBP / $698 USD), this retreat promises a rich blend of relaxation and rejuvenation, perfect for those seeking a retreat that harmonizes traditional practices in a stunning Spanish setting.

100-Hour Meditation Teacher Training

For those looking to deepen their meditation practice or expand their skills as a yoga teacher, the 100-Hour Meditation Teacher Training near Málaga offers an immersive, weeklong retreat designed to explore a variety of meditation methods and breathwork classes. Set in the picturesque town of Júzcar, this training is accessible from major European areas via Málaga airport, making it a convenient choice for international attendees.

100-Hour Meditation Teacher Training

The program starts with two months of online prep followed by an intense eight days of in-person course work that includes morning yoga sessions and meditation workshops, all conducted in multiple languages including German, Dutch, French, and English. Priced at €1,550 (£1,404 GBP / $1,731 USD), the course includes accommodation in a shared double room or a private room for a slightly higher fee, along with organic meals provided throughout the stay.

Courses are offered twice a month, beginning on a Friday, allowing for flexible planning. This training is not just an educational experience but a profound journey into the spiritual heart of Spain.

Is Meditation Good For Life?

Meditation is highly beneficial for life, offering extensive physical and mental health benefits. Reduced stress is one of the primary advantages, as meditation helps lower stress levels and can alleviate symptoms of stress-related conditions such as irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and fibromyalgia. Additionally, it enhances cognitive functions, leading to improved memory and greater mental clarity due to better focus achieved through regular practice. These benefits make meditation not just a practice but a transformative lifestyle choice that fosters overall wellbeing.

Can You Talk During A Silent Retreat?

During a silent retreat, the norm is to embrace quietude, meaning you generally are not allowed to talk throughout the duration of the retreat. This practice enhances the individual’s experience, fostering a deep, introspective journey that doesn’t get interrupted by everyday conversations. Participants often leave feeling a strong, silent bond with others, having shared a profound communal experience without the exchange of personal details like names or backgrounds. Accommodations in such retreats are typically minimalistic, with bedrooms being very simple and many venues not offering private rooms or en-suite bathrooms, further encouraging a detachment from normal life’s comforts and distractions.


Vipassana meditation is a form of mindfulness meditation rooted in the teachings of the Buddha, focusing on self-observation without judgment to foster deep introspective awareness. Typically practiced in a 10-day retreat, this technique is aimed at aiding practitioners in their pursuit of enlightenment, by providing a structured environment to explore and understand the mind-body connection.

A silent retreat is a unique and introspective experience where participants commit to a vow of silence for the duration of the retreat. This silence extends beyond meditations; it includes all aspects of the retreat such as meals, yoga, journaling, reading, and other daily activities. The practice of maintaining silence helps to foster deeper self-awareness and focus, allowing individuals to connect with their inner thoughts and emotions without the distraction of verbal communication.

Meditation is deeply embedded in several religious traditions, with its roots tracing back to ancient texts like the Upanishads. It is a central practice in Jainism, Buddhism, and Hinduism, where it serves as a key component of their spiritual and contemplative practices. Each of these religions uses meditation to achieve a deeper understanding of the mind, the universe, and the connection between them, helping practitioners to attain spiritual enlightenment and inner peace.

Qigong is considered one of the most powerful forms of meditation in the world, rooted in ancient Chinese practices. It focuses on harnessing energy within the body by ensuring that the energy pathways, known as meridians, remain open and fluid. This practice helps in balancing the body’s energy, promoting health, and enhancing spiritual growth through deep, meditative engagement.

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