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Best Breakfast in Madrid: Where to Eat

When exploring the breakfast options in Madrid, you’ll find that this huge Spanish city boasts a vibrant international food scene unlike its smaller cities counterparts like Bilbao, Valencia, and San Sebastian. While these places uphold traditional culinary traditions, Madrid embraces modern Spanish cooking that is culturally diverse with Mediterranean and American influences. For an authentic experience, try eating like a Madrileño with churros with chocolate before 9am to wake up.

For the health-conscious, the traditional breakfast of toast with tomatoes and serrano ham, known as pan con tomate y jamon, is a must. The good news for food hounds is that restaurants are in a relatively compact area, making a lazy morning breakfast-into-brunch crawl a practical idea. Whether you’re seeking the best brunch or breakfast in Madrid Centro, our compiled list of places to love for their brunches and breakfasts will not disappoint.

Where To Eat A Good Brunch Or Breakfast In Madrid Centro 2024?

Eatmytrip Brunch & Dinner

For the best brunch and breakfast in Madrid, head to Eatmytrip in Malasaña. Located in the center of Madrid, this place promises an incredible experience with its diverse proposals. Whether you’re looking for a vegan brunch or a gluten-free brunch, Eatmytrip offers excellent quality dishes that combine flavors and ingredients from around the world, presented as an art piece.

Brunch & Dinner

Their specialty coffees and smoothies will leave you speechless, and you can even enjoy brunch for dinner. With influences from Asia and Latin America, each dish is a wow presentation made with fresh products and healthy, tasty recipes. Find them at C. de Manuela Malasaña, 17, 28004 Madrid, check out their menu on their website, with prices ranging from €10 to €20.

Brunch Club Café

For a nice brunch or breakfast in central Madrid, Brunch Club Café near Gran Vía is a must-visit. Located in the heart of Madrid, it’s perfect for enjoying a meal before or after a shopping spree in the commercial streets. Their super complete brunch offers toasts, wraps, pancakes, bowls, and both big brunch and mini brunch options to satisfy all stomachs.

Best Breakfast in Madrid

If you love an English breakfast, this place won’t disappoint with its natural decoration adding to the charm. Find them at C. del Barco, 15, 28004 Madrid, check out their menu on, with prices ranging from €12 to €25.

Eatmytrip Brunch & Cocktails

For the best place to eat brunch in La Latina, head to Eatmytrip Brunch & Cocktails in the center of Madrid. This second location of Eatmytrip maintains its signature style with specialty coffee drinks and creative dishes that have an exotic touch. You’ll fall in love with their sandwiches, toasts, eggs benedict, and magic pancakes, which offer a parade of flavors.

Best Breakfast in Madrid

The international brunch options make it an ideal place for groups, with a beautifully presented brunch menu for breakfast, lunch, and snacks. They also offer a delightful cocktail menu. Located at C. de la Moreria, 11, 28005 Madrid, you can explore their menu and price on their website

El Jardín de Orfila by Mario Sandoval

For an Intercontinental Brunch Sundays experience, head to the upscale restaurant El Jardín de Orfila by Mario Sandoval. Located in the Chamberi neighbourhood near the Salamanca neighbourhood, this spot offers a good breakfast and brunch with an all you can eat menu. The idyllic setting features rich colours, varied textures, and unique objects that evoke classicism and luxury.

Guests can enjoy the spacious halls and a secret garden inside the Hotel. This refined restaurant within the Orfila hotel offers a delectable brunch menu and buffet breakfast. Find it at C. de Orfila, 6, 28010 Madrid. For more details, visit their menu on


For a satisfying breakfast in Madrid, Plenti offers a cheap breakfast without compromising on quality. Located near El Retiro park, this café features a small terrace and a minimalistic interior design. Known as specialists in breakfast and brunch in Madrid centro, Plenti serves delicious coffee, natural juices, and espressos alongside unique healthy dishes and baked goods.

Best Breakfast in Madrid

The minimalist-looking cafe at C. de Moreto, 17, 28014 Madrid ensures a pleasant dining experience. Check out their menu on plentimadrid for a good price.

Nomad Cafe

For a good breakfast in the center of Madrid, Nomad Cafe is a small place with great brunch dishes that offers a healthy brunch in a cozy environment filled with good vibes. Located in Lavapiés, this charming cafe serves toasts, juices, bowls, eggs, pancakes, and delicious coffees. With an extensive menu featuring fresh ingredients at a good price, it’s a perfect spot to start your day. Visit them at Calle de los Tres Peces, 22, 28012 Madrid and explore their offerings on

Best Breakfast in Madrid

HanSo Café 2

For an unforgettable breakfast with an oriental soul in the center of Madrid, HanSo Café 2 is a mandatory stop. This coffee shop is known for its amazing breakfasts and minimalist Nordic aesthetic. The menu features an oriental touch, offering porridge, toast, and the famous hokkaido bread.

Best Breakfast in Madrid

This small, cozy place boasts a minimalist style and provides a wide variety of breakfast and coffee options. Located at Cost.ª de los Ángeles, 7, 28013 Madrid, you can explore their offerings on


For a good brunch in the center of Madrid, Scarlett is the go-to spot, especially if you love famous benedict eggs. Known for offering 7 Eggs Benedict options, Scarlett also serves super natural toasts, smoothies, and varied brunch menus. The authentic food here is definitely worth trying, providing healthy breakfasts in a cozy setting with high tables and stools. Located at Pl. del Emperador Carlos V, 10, 28012 Madrid, you can find more details on their menu and price at Scarlett.

Best Breakfast in Madrid

Pum Pum Café

For an amazing breakfast in central Madrid, Pum Pum Café is a modern cafe perfect for brunch and breakfast in Madrid centro. Known for its superb baked goodies, delicious coffees, and teas, it also offers organic soft drinks and the famous Pum Pum Eggs Benedict. Ideal for a late breakfast or brunch, this local restaurant and bakery features charming stone walls and tall wooden beams.

Best Breakfast in Madrid

With an extensive coffee menu and plenty of vegan and vegetarian options, Pum Pum Café at C. de Tribulete, 6, 28012 Madrid is a must-visit. Check out their menu and price for more details.

Le Praline Brunch & Cafe

For an elegant breakfast or brunch in the Salamanca district, Le Praline Brunch & Cafe is a top choice. This spot has quickly become one of my favourites for its eggs benedict, toasts, pancakes, and yogurt bowls. Their brunch menus for 2 offer a delightful variety. The cafe boasts a deco touch in its furniture and lights, adding a touch of elegance to your brunches and breakfasts.

Best Breakfast in Madrid

As a cafeteria and pastry shop, it specializes in coffee, sweets, and diverse brunch options. The elegant decoration, with velvet chairs, wooden tables, and marble tables, enhances the dining experience. Visit them at C. de José Ortega y Gasset, 69, 28006 Madrid. Check their menu and price at Le Praliné.

Prepare For Your Cultural Day Out at Matilda

Start your day at the modest café Matilda, conveniently located near the Prado museum. Beat the entry queues with a quick pitstop here for a traditional Spanish breakfast. Enjoy fresh croissants filled with Iberian ham and Spanish cheese, or try their unusual freshly squeezed juices like pear and lemon juice.

Best Breakfast in Madrid

Don’t miss the homemade muesli and the fresh tomatoes on toast for a delightful and energizing meal.

Experience Madrid’s Past at Café Comercial

A true cornerstone of the Madrid dining scene, Café Comercial has been serving patrons since 1887. This flamboyant, no-holds-barred breakfast spot offers an ambiance of unmatched glamour with its luxurious brown leather banquettes, antique mirrors, ornate light fixtures, and marble tables that hark back to the 1950s.

Best Breakfast in Madrid

Indulge in traditional Spanish breakfast fare such as churro pastries with chocolate, the classic Madrid breakfast dish, pan con tomate, and freshly carved jamon. A visit here is certainly worth the splurge.

Be Indulgent at Churreria San Gines

Churreria San Gines has been churning out churros since 1984, offering a sweet treat that’s perfect early in the morning or thanks to their late-night license. This traditionally Spanish spot spans two floors adorned with ornate wall hangings, big marble tables, and tiled floors. Watch the waiters dash back and forth with coveted tubs of doughy churros to experience a true Madrid classic.

Go Gluten-free at Celicioso

For a modern Madrid breakfast experience, Celicioso is the perfect spot. This gluten-free bakery caters to dairy-free and sugar-free eaters who still want a punch of flavour to start the day. With floor-to-ceiling glass windows overlooking passers-by near the Grav Via metro station, Celicioso offers a lively international menu featuring gluten-free pastries, cakes, sumptuous poke bowls, and holiday-ready topped pancakes.

Best Breakfast in Madrid

Be Superfood Fantastic at Superchulo

For a superfood experience in Madrid, head to Superchulo. This spot is perfect for a healthy and meat-free breakfast. Their colourful superfood dishes like Buddha bowls, porridge, and vegan muffins are a hit among both meat-eaters and their vegan friends. Superchulo is the kind of joint where you’ll enjoy a vibrant and nutritious start to your day.

Best Breakfast in Madrid

Try Madrid’s Most Fashionable Spot at Misión Café

For a good breakfast in Madrid, visit Misión Café, a spot created by Nolo Botana and Pablo Caballero of the hip Madrid roastery Hola Coffee. This newly opened café is Instagram friendly with its exposed bricks painted white and black Modbar coffee-making equipment. The food here is plant-based and healthy, featuring homemade muesli, cocoa, and fresh bread topped with spinach, salmon, or peanut butter.

Best Breakfast in Madrid

Go Back To The 1960s at Lolina

For a nostalgic breakfast experience, visit the quaint café Lolina Vintage Café in the Tribunal neighbourhood, popular with Madrid’s creatives. Step into a 1960s-style setting with kitsch wallpaper and furniture in primary colours. The straightforward breakfast menu features Mediterranean classics like smoked salmon with Spanish olive oil and toasted sesame seeds on artisan bread. Don’t miss their strongly brewed coffee, a popular choice among regulars.

Best Breakfast in Madrid

Have Breakfast In One Of Madrid’s Famous Museums at Café del Jardín

For a unique blend of food and culture in Madrid, head to Café del Jardín at the Museo del Romanticismo. Enjoy a late, lazy breakfast in the serene garden courtyard, where you can savor homemade tarts and sip on aromatic Pakistani tea. This spot offers a perfect retreat after exploring one of Madrid’s museums.

Best Breakfast in Madrid

Grab-and-go at La Mallorquina

For a quick yet delightful breakfast in Madrid, visit La Mallorquina, an old-fashioned pastry shop beloved by Madrid’s residents. Perfect for those on the move, you can grab a take-out pastry like their famous ensaïmadas, which are light sugar-dusted pastries. Head to the downstairs bakery for a swift purchase or go upstairs to enjoy your treat with views over Puerta del Sol.

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